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Learn How to Sell on eBay


Thinking of selling something on eBay but not sure how to get started or what the steps are? If so, don't worry—it's not as hard as it looks. Here are three groups of articles to help you to grow as an eBay seller from an absolute beginner into a profit-making pro with the world at your fingertips.
  1. Beginning eBay Selling
  2. Intermediate eBay Selling
  3. Advanced eBay Selling

Beginning eBay Selling

The biggest barrier to your first listing is often fear. Don't worry, though—a single item listed on eBay is a great start, whether your item sells or not. It only get easier from there.

Intermediate eBay Selling

When you start wondering how you can get the most cash possible out of your listings, whether there's an easier way to make lots of listings at once, or whether you can list from your smartphone since you take pictures with it anyway, it's time to grow your selling skill set.

Advanced eBay Selling

Now you're making big sales that scream out for escrow, you're selling regularly enough that you're starting to compare performance amongst your listings, and you're wondering if you can avoid doing business with brand new buyers that just "don't get eBay" yet. Guess what? You're on the verge of becoming an eBay pro or semi-pro. Here are the skills you need to get there.

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