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The Seller Research You Should Be Doing


Are you doing enough to understand your market, your suppliers, your customers, and your own business? If not, business is probably suffering.

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"Defect Rate" Pitfalls: What Could Be Bad About eBay's New Metric

eBay's new "defect rate" performance metric is set to take effect later this year. But what are some of the drawbacks?

Sell More Internationally by Being Sensitive to International Shoppers

International selling is a great way to make more money on eBay, but if you don't tailor your listings to international audiences, you could miss out.

More Tips for Making the Most of eBay Photos

Ever think about rulers, labels, or product packaging in relation to eBay photos? Check out these additional tips for eBay photo success.

Don't Leave Money on the Table when Pricing Your Items

For some sellers, pricing is a margins game, but for others, it's about one-off decisions. If the latter is you, be sure you're not missing out.

Make eBay Selling Manageable by Staggering Your Tasks

Trying to do everything needed for eBay selling all at once is a recipe for burnout. Here's how to make the overwhelming manageable.

Give your eBay Store Some TLC

eBay Stores can drive sales for you, but they won't if they're eminently forgettable.

To Template or Not To Template Your eBay Listings?

With eBay's push into mobile and the addition of things like shipping details and returns terms to eBay's listing form, are templates still needed?

eBay or Amazon? The Answer is Increasingly "Yes."

For sellers trying to decide whether to sell on eBay or Amazon, the right answer is increasingly: "both." Here's why.

How can I get my trading partner's real-world contact information?

Believe it or not, it's still possible to get the real contact details for a trading partner on eBay. Here's how.

Where can I get eBay news and updates for sellers?

Updates and important notices for eBay sellers can seem hard to find. Here are the four basic places to watch for news from eBay that affects sellers.

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