1. Money

How to Start an eBay Business


So you've tried your hand at eBay shopping and selling, and now you think you're ready to start an online selling business, with eBay as one of your most important platforms. What do you need to do? Here are some of the biggest steps along the way to success.
  1. Start Your Business
  2. Grow Your eBay Business
  3. Get Serious

Start Your Business

You already know how to sell, but there's much more to starting an online selling business than just "selling more and earning more." To make this happen, and to operate legally over the long term, you've also got to think and act like a business. Here's what to do.

Grow Your eBay Business

Getting started is the easy part. Staying solvent and continuing to grow is the hard part, and what separates the "did it for a while, made a little money, found it wasn't worth it" sellers from the "more and more of my income comes from selling" sellers.

Get Serious

If things start to really hum along, you'll soon find that your biggest struggle is keeping up with all of the things that you have to do to keep things humming along. You'll also start to feel like you want as much marketing, promotion, and customer reach as you can get. Here are some of the many strategies you might deploy in taking your selling to the next level.

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