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Get Better eBay Search Results

Save time shopping by telling eBay what you want


If you've spent any time searching the eBay website at all, you know that there are a lot of items for sale on eBay. Millions of them, in fact. Choice is always good, but if you're like most users, sometimes you'd rather have the search result listings you want rather than seemingly endless pages of items that merely happened to match the word you typed in the search box. And what if you're potentially looking for multiple related items? Do you really have to run multiple searches to find them?

By using a few simple techniques, you can make your searches more specific, more flexible, and easier to navigate all at the same time. And by doing so, you can save yourself an awful lot of time as a buyer.

Searching for Multiple Terms

To search for listings that contain any of several terms (rather than all of them), enclose your search terms in parentheses and separate them by commas. Consider the following search examples:
  • teapot cups saucers
    If you type these three words into the eBay search box, you'll get only results that include all of the words in their title—listings that are selling teapots and cups and saucers at the same time. You won't, however, see listings that are just selling any one of them.

  • (teapot,cups,saucers)
    By listing the terms in parentheses separated by a comma, you can get eBay to list items that use any term in their title. You'll see listings for teapots and/or listings for cups and/or listings for saucers in your results.

  • (teapot,cups,saucers) (dutch,china)
    As you can see, you can also use multiple sets of terms in parentheses. A search like this one will find item listings that contain one or more of the first group of terms and also one or more of the second group of terms.

The search box allows you to string together as many terms inside a set of parentheses and as many sets of terms enclosed by parentheses as you please.

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