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Six eBay Holiday Gift Ideas

Having trouble finding gifts that sound right? Think outside the box on eBay.


Six eBay Holiday Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift-giving, shopping online doesn't have to mean buying and giving the same things as everyone else

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Though the online shopping world gets more and more crowded with each passing holiday season, eBay is still one of the best places to get that one-of-a-kind gift that isn’t available anywhere else. As the days before the gift-buying deadline rapidly disappear, try these eBay gift ideas on for size:
  • Buy them a piece of history. You won’t find things like Super Bowl championship rings, vintage sets of NASA Gemini mission patches, real CCCP-made Soviet Union memorabilia, or ticket stubs to 1970’s headline rock concerts on Amazon.com, but you will find them on eBay. What is your gift recipient enthusiastic about?

  • Buy them a something hand made. Even with the influx of overstock goods and the shifting focus toward retail sales, eBay remains home to a large community of artisans, craftspeople, and tradespeople of all kinds. Search for “hand made” from the eBay front page, then browse through the category results to find unique gifts that come with a built-in human touch.

  • Buy them fun, one-of-a-kind kitsch. Not all gifts have to be serious; the right kitschy or gag gift can make just about anyone laugh out loud. eBay is home to an infinite variety of wacky T-shirts, neon signs, theme clocks, movie posters, and other bric-a-brac old and new. To see a truly random assortment that might tickle your fancy, try typing your recipient’s personality into the search box. Are they “grumpy?” “Picky?” “Silly?” “Always late?” You might just find the gift they’ll keep on their desk with a smile for years to come.

  • Buy them autographed goods. Whether your recipient is an enthusiast of sports, literature, music, movie stars, or some other part of popular culture, there’s a good chance that there hero has at some point signed their name to something that has now found its way to eBay.

  • Buy them accessories. Whether you're talking gadgets or handbags, we live in an age of accessories—overpriced accessories. Protective cases, power adapters, alligator belts, silk scarves—every category of accessories tends to be overpriced at mall or big box stores, but they often sell for pennies on the dollar on eBay—and are available in many more varieties. Just be sure to check seller ratings for slow shippers, since some of these goods come directly from Asia.

  • Buy them a gift card. Yes, you can buy gift cards on eBay, and the great thing is that on eBay you generally buy them below face value, as in $450 for a $500 gift card, or $20 for a $25 gift card. So if you’re the sort of giver that gives gift cards rather than gifts, save yourself some cash and buy your gift cards on eBay.
Do you have other gift ideas for eBay shoppers that have worked for you in the past? Scroll down and share them with our readers below.

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