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Guide to Terms in eBay Listings

Common acronyms and abbreviations


To new eBay users, auction listings can sometimes seem like a confusing maze of unknown glossary terms and abbreviations with obscure meanings. Before you bid on an item you think you might be interested in buying, be sure that you understand every term mentioned in the item's title and description.

This index contains very brief, concise defitions of many of the more popular abbreviations and acronyms used in eBay auction listings. Keep in mind that context is important—some of the terms have more than one meaning that may vary depending on the category in which an item is listed.

    eBay Listing Terms, A-C
    eBay Listing Terms, D-H
    eBay Listing Terms, I-N
    eBay Listing Terms, O-U
    eBay Listing Terms, V-Z

If you don't find the term you're seeking in this index, consider also consulting the About eBay Glossary and the Seller Features Guide.

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