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Glossary of eBay Terms

The eBay website is full of a mix of technical and auction jargon, some of it unfamiliar to new users. These glossary terms should help to clarify confusing references.

Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP)
The Vehicle Purchase Protection (VPP) program protects eBay Motors buyers against certain kinds of fraud or nondisclosure by vehicle sellers.

eBay Motors
eBay Motors is a separate area of the eBay website designed to support the buying and selling of motor vehicles.

Guide: Terms in eBay Listings
Alphabetical guide to terms and acronyms commonly seen in eBay auction listings.

Guide: eBay Seller Features
The Seller Features Guide contains definitions and use instructions for a range of features and options that sellers can use in listings. If you don't see the term you're searching for in the glossary below, check the Seller Features Guide next.

Auction Mentality
Auction mentality causes bidders to bid more than they otherwise might have in an effort to triumph over perceived competitors.

Auction Sniping
Auction Sniping and what it means on eBay.

Average Selling Price (ASP)
ASP is one of the key measures that sellers monitor as they run and operate successful eBay businesses.

Best Match
If you're an eBay seller, you need to know what "best match" is. Not only can it determine how buyers see you, it can determine whether you make many sales or few, whether you thrive on eBay or fail.

Bid Retraction
Bid retractions can be made by prospective buyers only under very specific circumstances.

Bidding Frenzy (Bidding War)
Bidding frenzies are large numbers of bids placed in rapid succession that increase the high bid of an auction listing considerably.

Brick-and-mortar refers precisely to the kind of business that eBay is not: a business based on a retail storefront or physical location.

Buyer's Remorse
Buyer's remorse occurs when a winning bidder decides only too late that he or she does not actually want to buy an item after all.

Caveat Emptor
You'll often hear people use the phrase 'caveat emptor' when talking about eBay, even if it isn't always accurate in practice.

Closing Time (Closing Date)
The closing time of an auction is a predetermined time and date at which the high bidder becomes the winning bidder.

Cross-Border Trade (CBT)
The term "CBT" is often heard in reference to international selling.

Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR)
Detailed Seller Ratings have created consternation amongst eBay sellers and happiness amongst many longtime buyers.

eBay Account
In order to buy or sell on eBay, you must open an "eBay account" that will become your own personal on-ramp to eBay trading.

Email Spoofs
Email Spoofs, what they are, how they affect eBay users.

Fee Avoidance
Fee Avoidance and what it means on eBay.

The word "feedback" is central to just about any discussion about eBay, whether one is buying or selling. Feedback actually refers to several things.

Feedback Comments
One of the major components of eBay's feedback system, feedback comments provide an open forum for members to comment on other members' performance.

Feedback Percentage
Feedback percentage is a simple and easily referenced component of the eBay feedback system.

Fees Calculator
Fees calculators are tools that can help you to calculate and manage various costs and expenses associated with selling on eBay on a per-transaction basis.

Feedback Score
Feedback Scores are a simple and easily referenced component of the eBay feedback system.

Final Value Fee
One of the two major eBay fee categories, all sellers will pay a final value fee for their eBay auctions.

Fulfillment (Partner)
New sellers on eBay are often befuddled by the continuous talk of "fulfillments" and "fulfillment partners." What are these terms all about, and why are they important for you?

eBay Listing Terms, V-Z
Terms commonly seen in eBay auction listings, with meanings, beginning with the letters V through Z.

Getting Sniped
Getting sniped is one of an eBay shopper's least favorite things to do.

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)
Gross Merchandise Volume is one of the most important numbers in the eBay trading world.

eBay Listing Terms, O-U
Terms commonly seen in eBay auction listings, with meanings, beginning with the letters O through U.

ID Verified
The ID Verified program at eBay is one of the methods that sellers can use to ensure buyers (and eBay) of their legitimacy as sellers.

Insertion Fee
Every auction you see on eBay has been subject to insertion fees, which are calculated specifically for the item and options in each case.

Item Listing
All of the eBay information out there continually mentions these things called "item listings." But what are they? What, exactly, is an item listing?

eBay Listing Terms, I-N
Terms commonly seen in eBay auction listings, with meanings, beginning with the letters I through N.

Listing Upgrade
Though some sellers (most often new sellers) can go overboard with them, listing upgrades are a valuable addition to your eBay toolkit.

Mail Forwarding System
The Mail Forwarding System is used to send email to eBay users for whom you have no direct contact information.

eBay Listing Terms, D-H
Terms commonly seen in eBay auction listings, with meanings, beginning with the letters D through H.

Negative Feedback
Negative feedback is complaining feedback left by a transacting partner.

Non-Paying Bidder (NPB)
Non-Paying Bidder (NPB) and what it means on eBay

eBay Listing Terms, A-C
Terms commonly seen in eBay auction listings, with meanings, beginning with the letters A through C.

Positive Feedback
Positive feedback consists of complimentary reports left by eBay members about their trading partners.

Power Seller
Power sellers and the PowerSellers program.

Proxy Bidding
eBay uses this system to allow bidders to compete for an item without having to watch it continuously.

Pulled Auction
Pulled auctions are auctions that have been removed by eBay before their designated closing time, releasing buyer and seller of all trading obligations.

Reserve Price
The price below which a seller will not be required to sell.

Retaliatory Feedback
Retaliatory feedback is one of the most contentious and controversial feedback issues on eBay.

Sell-Through Percentage
Sell-through percentage is one of the most important metrics that sellers use to monitor performance and enhance their decision-making and marketing ability on eBay.

Seller Non-performance (SNP)
Seller Non-performance (SNP) and what it means on eBay.

Shill Bidding
Shill Bidding and what it means on eBay.

Suspended members are no longer allowed to place bids or list items for sale on the eBay website.

Top-rated Seller
The Top-rated Seller icon appears on many desirable eBay item listings. What does it mean when a seller is a "Top-Rated Seller" on eBay?

Unwelcome Bidding
Unwelcome Bidding and what it means on eBay.

Completed Listings
Completed listings are items that are no longer available for sale but continue to appear in eBay's search database. They can be accessed and searched by following a few simple steps.

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