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On eBay, How do I...

How to achieve many of the most common eBay buying and selling tasks


On eBay, How do I...

Need help? Click on the list of common questions below to get answers.

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Need to get something done on eBay? See if the answers that you need are in the lists below.

They are organized into three groups:

  • Answers for eBay buyers
  • Answers for eBay sellers
  • Answers for everyone

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Answers for Buyers: “How do I...”
Avoid Counterfeit Goods
Buy an Item
Buy Car Parts on eBay
Buy Event Tickets on eBay
Buy on Half.com
Choose a Sniping Platform
Comparison Shop Automatically
Evaluate a Seller
Evaluate an Item’s Condition
Exclude Terms from My Search
File a Credit Card Dispute
Find Hidden Deals
Get a Refund
Get a Warranty for My Purchase
Get and Spend eBay Bucks
Give a Group Gift
Give to Charity as a Buyer
Haggle on eBay
Identify Risky Auctions
Make an Exchange
Make an Offer on a Listing
Pay for International Purchases
Place a Bid on a Listing
Recognize Scams Against Buyers
Reduce the Price I’ll Pay
Report Counterfeit Goods
Request a Listing for Something I want
Retract a Bid I’ve Placed
Search for Multiple Terms
Shop Internationally
Shop Internet Trends and Popular Goods
Snipe on eBay
Watch a Listing
Answers For Sellers: “How do I...”
Add Videos to My Listing
Automate My Accounting
Avoid Selling for a Low Price
Avoid Snipers on My Listings
Avoid Work-at-Home Depression
Become a PowerSeller
Become a Top-Rated Seller
Block a Particular Bidder
Block Bidders That Haven’t Paid in the Past
Block Bidders Without PayPal Accounts
Block Inexperienced Bidders
Block International Bidders
Block Poor-Feedback Bidders
Cancel a Bid
Change the eBay Catalog
Check my Status as a Seller
Create a Home Office
Customize My Store
Decide on a Listing Format
Decide Whether eBay is Right for My Goods
Decide Whether eBay Selling is Right for Me
End My Auction Early
Find a Drop-Shipper
Find a Selling Niche
Find Things to Sell
Get a Business Website
Get a Fee Refund After a Buyer Backs Out
Get Packing Materials Cheaply
Give to Charity as a Seller
Have a Sale on My Listings
Improve My Search Ranking
Keep My Fees Under Control
List Multiple Items at Once
List Multiple Items from a Mac
Make My Listing Stand Out
Manage Holds and Chargebacks
Market Virally
Measure My Selling Success
Minimize the Effects of Emergencies and Disasters
Offer My Buyers a Warranty
Open an eBay Store
Optimize My Listings
Pack an Item
Pre-calculate My Fees
Prepare My Used Items for Sale
Prepay for Non-eBay Shipments Using PayPal
Promote My Listings on Facebook
Promote My Listings on Pinterest
Provide Good Customer Service
Recognize Scams Against Sellers
Relist Unsold Items
See What’s Selling on eBay
Sell a Car on eBay
Sell an Item Instantly
Sell an Item with My Smartphone
Sell an Item
Sell Event Tickets on eBay
Sell Internationally
Sell on Half.com
Sell Services and Intangible Goods
Set Up Shop as a Seller
Ship Freight
Start an eBay Business
Stop a Sale
Streamline Selling Tasks
Subscribe to Selling Manager
Syndicate My Listings
Take Credit Cards on a Non-eBay Website with PayPal
Take eBay Photos
Use Contests with My Customers
Use Disclaimers in My Listings
Use PayPal in My Accounting
Use Selling Manager
Use the eBay Catalog
Use the eBay Selling Form
Use the Simple Selling Form
Use Turbo Lister
View My Seller Dashboard
Write Better Item Descriptions
Write Better Titles
Answers For Everyone: “How do I...”
Call eBay by Telephone
Change My eBay Preferences
Change my eBay Subscriptions
Change My Member ID
Close My Account
Contact eBay the “Official” Way
Contact My Trading Partner
Create an About Me Page
Customize My eBay
Email eBay Directly
Find an Item Listing Number
Find Old Listings
Find Out About eBay Outages
Find Useful eBay Tools
Follow eBay in Social Media
Get a PayPal Debit Card
Get an eBay Browser Bar
Get eBay Answers from the Community
Give an eBay Gift Card
Hold My Yard Sale on eBay
Invest Using eBay
Join eBay
Know Whether Escrow is Safe
Leave Feedback
Open a Dispute
Reinstate My Account
Remove or Modify Feedback
Respond to Feedback
Return an eBay Gift
Stop Email from eBay
Win a Buyer Protection Case

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