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Payment and Shipping

Whether you're selling or buying, navigating the world of eBay item listings and eBay bidding is only half the battle! The next stage of the game is to get money safely exchanged and the item safely sent—from seller's location to buyer's business or residence. Here you'll find details on how to make it happen.
  1. Exchanging Money (6)
  2. Packing for Shipment (3)

Transacting Promptly
Knowing how quickly you need to pay or ship in order to keep your trading partner satisfied.

Streamline Your Shipping Process
Don't spend money and time to make an eBay sale only to lose both again by choosing the wrong shipper or paying too much for shipping supplies. Streamline your shipping process.

Quick Tips for Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance is generally a good thing for any eBay transaction. Here's a quick rundown on how much to buy, how to use it, and what to keep in mind as you buy insurance and (if necessary) make insurance claims.

Shipping Freight
If your package is really heavy or really large, watch out: it could be too large for standard shipment. What is "freight," how much does it cost, and how does one go about organizing it? Answers here.

eBay Shipping Advice
A detailed list of do's and dont's for eBay shipments compiled by Terry Gibbs at IWantCollectibles.com.

From eBay: Dealing with Shipping Problems
This eBay guide is a starting point for finding solutions for problems related to shipping and handling after an auction has closed.

From eBay: The Shipping Center
The eBay shipping center provides streamlining tools to help sellers more efficiently ship using any of the "big three" carriers, UPS, Federal Express, and the United States Post Office.

International Shipping, Part 1 of 2
The first part in a series of two, this article discusses the generalities of international shipping for sellers considering overseas commerce.

International Shipping, Part 2 of 2
The second part in a series of two, this article provides timely details about eBay and international shipping for sellers that are ready to ship overseas.

What happened to my parcel?
Are you caught in a transaction that seemed to be going well until the parcel either didn't arrive or seems to have failed to reach its destination, despite tracking information that suggests it has? Here's what to do.

How can I find out when (or if) my purchase will arrive?
Waiting for a package is hard enough without having to wonder just when it is going to arrive or whether there is a problem of some kind with the purchase or shipment. But how can you find these things out?

How to Purchase and Print Your Own Shipping Labels on eBay
If you're not paying for and printing your own shipping labels online using eBay and PayPal, you're probably spending a lot of time and effort that you don't have to spend on something that is easily automated. It's simpler and cheaper than you think it is!

Was my item really delivered? Where is it?
You made a purchase on eBay and the carrier says that it was delivered...only you don't have it. What gives, and how can you go about getting your stuff?

Make Packing and Shipping Easy on eBay
How to make the packing and shipping process on eBay cheap and easy, with no waiting and no shipping counters.

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