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Learn How to Buy on eBay


Interested in an eBay purchase but having trouble figuring out now to bid and buy on eBay? If so, don't fret—is seems more complicated than it is. Here are three groups of articles to help you to grow as an eBay shopper from an absolute beginner into a deal-finding pro with the world at your fingertips.
  1. Beginning eBay Shopping
  2. Intermediate eBay Shopping
  3. Advanced eBay Shopping

Beginning eBay Shopping

Getting started on eBay might seem intimidating, but once you join, get a handle on bidding, and get a sense of what feedback percentages mean, you're all set to shop eBay anytime you like.

Intermediate eBay Shopping

When you find yourself wishing you could exclude items from your searches, tell the import fakes from the genuine articles, or earn rewards dollars for all the shopping you're doing, it's time to take on some new eBay shopping skills.

Advanced eBay Shopping

Now you're making big purchases that scream out for escrow, feeling like you want to make offers to sellers, buy interesting goods from foreign lands, and get some kind of warranty protection for the things you buy. Guess what? To everyone else, you're starting to sound like an old eBay pro. Here are the skills you need to get there.

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