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Buying and Selling on Half.com

Trading media without the hassle


eBay is a great place to buy and sell, but it isn't for everyone, and it isn't the ideal market for every situation. There are up-front fees, auction listings are tied to a specific time frame, and you have to type your own item descriptions in order to sell and place bids in order to buy.

For traders that want to buy or sell books, video games, movies, music, or other media products, Half.com, an eBay company, can be a more convenient place to trade. Think of Half.com as an alternate version of eBay for people who want to buy and sell media or game products while taking advantage of the specific advantages that Half.com has to offer. Here are some of the advantages of Half.com for buyers and sellers:

  • You don't have to type your own title or description when selling.

  • There are no up-front sellers' fees; list as many items as you want for free.

  • Buyers pay Half.com directly. For buyers, it means simpler payment. For sellers, it means no collection hassles—you always get paid for what you ship.

  • You can buy instantly, no waiting for auctions to end.

  • You're less likely to see irrelevant or misleading search results.

  • Half.com transactions are also tracked in eBay feedback, so you gain feedback when you buy and sell on Half.com, and you also always know who you're dealing with.

Half.com is similar to eBay in that you'll find lots of used, overstock, and liquidation goods for sale from private sellers and businesses, as well as a few new and retail items.

How Half.com Works (Sellers)

The process for selling items on Half.com is as follows:

  1. Seller enters UPC or ISBN code for item, along with a price. Half.com automatically builds a description and title based on the UPC or ISBN code.

  2. The item remains up for sale until it sells or until the seller removes it or suspends the listing.

  3. When a buyer buys an item, the seller is sent an email notification. The seller logs into Half.com, confirms the sale, and ships the item.

  4. Twice a month, Half.com totals sales and deposits the amount into the seller's account, minus a commission of between 5 and 15 percent.

  5. Seller leaves feedback for completed transaction(s).

How Half.com Works (Buyers)

For buyers on Half.com, the process looks like this:

  1. Buyer enters a search term or title on the Half.com website.

  2. Buyer browses through results, adds item(s) to cart and selects shipping method(s).

  3. Buyer pays Half.com directly. Sellers are notified and ship items.

  4. Buyer leaves feedback for completed transaction(s).

Sound like Half.com might be your kettle of fish? Read on for a few caveats and the links you'll need to get started.

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