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Browsing by Category

Learning to navigate the eBay website


Browsing by Category

Browsing the list of eBay item categories.

Most users find items to purchase on eBay by searching eBay listings for keywrods or item names. eBay is also home, however, to an extensive category system into which sale items are organized.

To browse through lists of items for sale on eBay by category, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Buy link seen at the top of the eBay front page or nearly any other page on the eBay website. You'll see a page listing eBay's major item categories in boldface text, and beneath each of these, its most popular item subcategories.

  2. Click on a major category (boldface) to view a new page showing more specific categories or subgroupings within that category.

  3. Once you see the minor category (regular text) that you want to browse, click on it to view all of the items listed for sale there.

Though browsing can be slower than simply searching by keyword, you'll find that browsing by category is often more rewarding, especially if you enjoy window shopping in real life.

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