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Give and Sell More Easily with Group Gifts and Instant Sale

Two services to make giving, upgrading, and recycling easier on eBay


Give and Sell More Easily with Group Gifts and Instant Sale

With eBay Group Gifts, "from all of us" office gifts practically organize and buy themselves.

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Two new eBay services promise to make buying and selling easier on many during the coming holiday season. Both services, eBay Group Gifts and eBay Instant Sale, attempt to make common buying and selling tasks happen more easily and quickly.

"From All of Us" Made Easy: eBay Group Gifts

Organizing the "gift from all of us" can be a complicated affair. In addition to sharing details about what is to be bought, the group-gift-person generally also collects money, ensures that everyone has done their part, and makes the actual purchase.

If you're the person to whom this task typically falls, eBay now offers a service to make your life considerably easier. eBay Group Gifts, located at groupgifts.ebay.com, streamlines the circulation, money collecting, and purchasing of group gifts.

Here's how to use it:

  1. Visit groupgifts.ebay.com and enter the name of the recipient or click the Connect with Facebook button to select the recipient from amongst your friends.

  2. Select the occasion for the gift from the drop-down list.

  3. Use the search box to find an appropriate gift and select it.

  4. When asked, enter your portion (in dollars) of the gift total.

  5. When asked, enter the timetable (deadline) for contributions from others.

  6. When asked, enter a gift message for the recipient.

  7. Select other contributors from your Facebook friends or enter their email addresses to have eBay contact them for their share.

  8. Each contact will be asked for their share. When the total amount is received by the deadline date, the purchase will automatically be made and sent to the gift recipient along with the message you provided.
As the collection is happening, your group gift will appear in the My eBay area of your account, where you can monitor its progress and/or cancel the gift if you change your mind.

"Upgrade Treadmill" Made Easy: eBay Instant Sale

eBay has been a mainstay of the electronics "upgrade treadmill" for some time now. Many gadget freaks stay technologically fresh by regularly selling their personal mobile phones, computers, video game systems, or digital cameras on eBay, then using the proceeds from these sales to purchase the newest versions of the same devices.

While it's nice that eBay makes this process possible, it can be something of a hassle for nonprofessional eBay sellers to regularly craft auction listings, post them, then pack and ship boxes of goods to buyers simply to upgrade their gadgets.

eBay Instant Sale, accessible at green.ebay.com/instantsale, is designed to enable serial upgraders' lifestyles in a more streamlined fashion. For a wide variety of items that for which eBay has determined a typical market value, eBay Instant Sale will:

  • Automatically purchase the item in question from you, with payment to your PayPal account coming from eBay.

  • Provide pre-paid shipping materials for you to deliver the item to eBay.

  • Erase your private data from the device, eliminating the need for you to do so yourself.

  • Automatically recycle the item upon receipt if the market value is too low to justify resale by eBay.

To use eBay Instant Sale, simply visit, enter the make and model of your item, and follow the clear prompts to sell the item to eBay under the Instant Sale program.

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