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Using Selling Manager

Quick and simple steps to make selling life easier


If you're an active seller on eBay who hasn't yet activated selling manager on your My eBay account, you may want to consider doing so.

Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are a set of enhancements to your My eBay toolkit that make selling in medium to high volumes on eBay a breeze—as you can see by looking at a summary of their features. If you have activated Selling Manager already, it's helpful to know how to actually access some of its more useful features on a step-by-step basis.

See Lists of Various Kinds/Stages of Transactions

The summary page of Selling Manager is literally littered with item counts—thinks like "Listings with questions," or listings "Eligible for Relist Fee credit" or listings "Awaiting Shipment" or that have been "Paid and Shipped."

More than just good for getting a summary count of each kind of listing, each of these links on the Selling Manager summary page will also carry you to a page that lists, one-by-one, each of your item listings that falls into the given category.

Click on "Ending today," for example, and you'll see a list of all of your current listings that are scheduled to end to today, each with a further link that can be used to open the listing in question. The same goes for all of the categories on the page, including things like "Disputes awaiting your response," which will show you a list of disputed listings for which eBay or PayPal is currently awaiting the seller's (i.e. your) response.

Download Records

Selling Manager enables you to download groups of transactions according to type and date range in a format that is friendly to most spreadsheet applications. To download groups of transactions, folow these steps:

  1. Click the "File Management Center" link at the lower-left of the Selling Manager (My eBay) summary view.

  2. On the File Management Center page that appears, click "Create a Download Request" to have eBay prepare a new download for you.

  3. On the Create a Download Request page that appears, select the type of information you want to download by making a selection fromt the "Lists and records" drop-down list. For example, select "Sold" from the list to prepare a download of items you've sold.

  4. Select a date range for the download using the "Date Range" dialog that appears.

  5. Click "Save" to save your download request. This will enter it into the eBay queue for processing.

  6. When the "Download Request Completed" email arrives from eBay, click the link inside the email to begin your download.

Create Cross Promotions

Selling Manager makes it possible to automate the delivery of cross-promotions (promoting some of your own items in listings with related categories) to your bidders and/or buyers. To create cross-promotion "rules" that eBay will use to insert such promotions into your listings, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Marketing Tools" at the lower-left of the Selling Manager summary (My eBay) page.

  2. On the Marketing Tools page that appears, click the "Cross-Promotion" link at the upper-left of the page.

  3. On the Cross Promotion page that appears, to the far right of the world "Defaults," click the "Manage" link to load the page where rules are managed.

  4. Click "Create new rule" on the page that appears to begin creating a new cross-promotion rule.

  5. On the Create Rule page that appears, click the first "Select an eBay category" link to select the category to which this rule applies (i.e. when someone bids on or wins one of your auctions that belongs to the category you're about to select, the rest of this rule will be used to insert cross-promotions).

  6. Once you've selected a category and saved it, click the second (lower) "Select an eBay category" link to select the types of items that will be promoted to the user in cases in which this rule applies (i.e. for all items belonging to the first category you selected).
The uses of Selling Manager don't stop here, of course. Read on to find out about other cross promotion features in Selling Manager and how to use Selling Manager to leave bulk feedback.

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