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The world of eBay is also a world of software tools and online products designed to help buyers and sellers to get more from eBay and from one another. Some of these products come from eBay, some come from elsewhere. All of them are described here.
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Twelve Things You Didn't Know About Feedback
eBay's feedback system is amongst the most complex and nuanced of all online trading marketplaces. Such subtlety can make ratings more meaningful, but it can also obscure the facts if you don't understand the system. Here are twelve things you should know about eBay's feedback system.

Add eBay to Your Browser
If you're a heavy eBay user and you're not using any of eBay's web browser add-on tools, don't put it off any further. These tools, for both Internet Explorer and Firefox, save you time and effort while streamlining your eBay experience.

Ship Anything, Get Donations, and Transfer Cash with PayPal
PayPal isn't just for making eBay purchases. Did you know that you can use it to prepay USPS postage for any item, raise money for your baseball team, church group, or club, or get a handle on your college student's spending?

Give, Sell with Group Gifts and Instant Sale
Two eBay services to make life easier for those that organize group gift buying and giving and those that use eBay to sustain the "upgrade treadmill" for electronics and gadgets purchases.

Attend eBay University
If you're looking for eBay tutorial and help material that goes beyond what eBay's extensive but rather reference-like help system can offer, eBay University may be right up your alley.

Check Your Seller Dashboard
As a seller, your goal is always to offer great customer service and to follow eBay's rules to the letter. But how are you actually doing on these fronts in eBay's eyes, and is eBay's opinion about your performance having a positive or a negative effect on your ability to sell? eBay's seller dashboard provides the answers that you need.

Using Selling Manager
Selling Manager is a great set of tools intended to help medium and high volume sellers to streamline their eBay lives. If you've already activated selling manager and want help using it, read on for step-by-step instructions.

Get Ahead with Selling Manager
If you're expanding your selling operation and have begun to feel as though My eBay is a little too thin while Turbo Lister isn't quite "directly connected" enough to eBay's website, Selling Manager and/or Selling Manager Pro could be just what you're looking for.

Manage Your eBay Subscriptions
eBay offers a number of subscription-based tools for sellers, some of which can greatly enhance your selling performance. If you've never visited the subscriptions part of your My eBay area, now may be the time.

Keep Notes in My eBay
If you're a regular eBay trader, you probably use My eBay all the time. But did you know there's note-making feature in My eBay that's very useful and often forgotten? Learn more and improve your eBay organizing skills.

Getting eBay Answers
Every eBay user eventually finds him or herself face-to-face with a sticky problem of some kind, in need of answers and expertise about eBay buying and selling. When you find yourself grappling with a tough eBay question, consider consulting the Answer Center before contacting eBay directly or consulting a third-party source.

Magic eBay Toolbox
The best eBay links page you'll ever find, this magic eBay toolbox connects you quickly to all of the most essential tools for eBay buyers and sellers, all from one place.

Using PayPal as a Small Business Tool
PayPal offers features to help small businesses to thrive beyond merely selling on eBay. Two of these are virtual terminal, which can enable you to accept credit cards through PayPal even at your retail brick-and-mortar store, and automatic shopping cart features that can help you to build an e-commerce website almost automatically.

Quick Tips for Escrow on eBay
Some eBay transactions are large enough to make buyer, seller, or both just a little bit nervous about trading with someone whom they've never met. At times like this, consider using escrow to complete the transaction.

Make Money on eBay Without Selling a Thing
If you have a website and are a happy eBay customer or seller, you may also be interested in eBay's affiliates program, which can earn you money based on traffic that you send to eBay.

Banking With eBay and PayPal
If you sometimes find yourself wishing that accessing your PayPal balance was a more convenient than it seems to be, you may be a good candidate for the PayPal debit card.

More eBay Website Goodies
Want to personalize the way that other eBay members see you? Need to search for underpriced listings that are ending immediately? How about an enhancement to Internet Explorer to make eBay use easier? Here are a few more eBay website goodies to streamline your eBay experience.

Find Tools Tailored to Your eBay Activity
If you're a seller in search of tools to help streamline your eBay business, consider using eBay's Tool Recommendations page to help find the eBay tools that are best suited to your needs.

Streamline Your Records with PayPal and Excel
If you're a small or medium-sized eBay buyer or seller, get a leg up on your bookkeeping by downloading all of your PayPal transactions and accessing them through financial or numerical software programs!

Getting Notifications by Text Message or IM
When you're tired of having to check your email or go to the eBay website to find out about the status of your auctions, consider setting up text message (SMS) or instant message (IM) notification for your eBay account.

Customize Your My eBay Summary
Your My eBay page is one of the most useful parts of the eBay website, since it contains information about and links to virtually every aspect of your eBay life. Learn how you can customize it even further to fit your eBay buying and selling habits like a glove!

Navigating the eBay Website
Navigating the eBay Website: major components of the eBay website, how to reach them, and what each one of them is for.

eBay Seller Features Guide (Index)
eBay presents sellers with a dizzying array of optional features and listing types. Use this guide to help you to decide which features to use with your listings.

Visual Introduction to Turbo Lister
If you're selling in any volume at all, you'll be interested in Turbo Lister, eBay's own free software for streamlining the selling process.

The eBay Proxy Bidding System
How the proxy bidding system at eBay works and why it's different from live auctions.

The eBay Feedback System
How to evaluate feedback numbers, how it works, how to leave it, what to strive for and what to avoid.

Contacting eBay Members
Why eBay members sometimes want to contact other eBay members, what to know before you try, and how to get the job done.

Contacting eBay Directly
To contact eBay directly, use one of the customer support forms on the eBay website to contact eBay with your question, issue, or concern.

eBay HTML Survival Guide
Improve your auction listing performance by using HTML to make your auctions more presentable and easier to understand.

Canceling Bids and Listings
What to do when you decide that you don't want to sell after all, or that you want to sell now rather than later.

Retracting a Bid
It is possible under some circumstances to retract a bid, but in general eBay rules forbid it. That's not to say that you can't get away with it, though, and here's how.

From eBay: eBay Toolbar
This tool for buyers makes access to eBay search and auctions a snap by adding eBay tools to your web browser. For joyously compulsive shoppers only.

From eBay: The eBay Developers Program
The eBay Developers Program is a membership-based organization that gives software developers and skilled sellers a way to access the internals of the eBay website directly, in order to build their own high-volume buying or selling tools.

ChannelAdvisor Marketplace for Sellers
If you've begun to sell in volume on eBay and would like to streamline your processes while leveraging your position and inventory to move into other markets as well, ChannelAdvisor's website-based tools and services are the place to start.

Andale for Sellers
Andale provides top-tier services to top-tier sellers to automate auction listings and post-sale processing at high volumes.

SpoonFeeder for Sellers
An alternative suite of eBay tools for the mid-sized seller who has outgrown simpler applications like TurboLister but is not yet ready for the major streamliners.

Free eBay Aucton Tools and Services
This site links to a wide variety of free tools and services to help eBay buyers and sellers maximize listing, searching, and bidding efficiency.

Get Selling Ideas with the Niche Market Finder
Need help deciding what to sell? Give the eBay Niche Market Finder a spin!

Buy and Sell Tickets Using eBay's StubHub
eBay's StubHub makes it possible to buy and sell tickets to events without having to deal with scalpers or to become one.

Using the eBay Shopping Cart
It's 2011 and eBay is finally (for some) or unfortunately (in the opinions of others) rolling out a shopping cart tool to make the eBay buying experience more similar to the one found on other retail sites. Find out what you need to know as a buyer, and as a seller.

Use Sales Reports Plus to Tune Your Selling
If you're a growing seller evaluating tools and products to help get you to the next level, eBay's free Sales Reports Plus should be at the top of your list. Get complete performance data by format, category, day and time, and detailed fee breakdowns on a per-week or per-month basis.

Comparison Shop with eBay and RedLaser
eBay is a great resource for deal-finding, but don't think that you have to be an eBay veteran, a stay-at-home party pooper, or a really patient person willing to wait for shipping just to have eBay assist you in your Black Friday (and beyond) holiday and Christmas shopping!

Using Terapeak for eBay Market Research and Analytics
If you're an aspiring eBay seller but not using a research and analytics tool like Terapeak, you're probably paying more in fees than you need to, leaving money on the table with your pricing, and unaware of best practices and competitors for your kinds of goods.

Manage Your Books the Easy Way
If you're still keeping books "by hand," either on paper or with a computer, it may be time to join the 21st century and save yourself a great deal of time and headache!

Shop Locally on eBay
Sometimes you don't want to have your purchase shipped to you from heaven-knows-where. Sometimes you just want to find whatever-you-want in stock somewhere near you and go buy it, the sooner the better. eBay Local Shopping can help you to do just that.

Organize and Tame Your Selling Records
Feeling disorganized as your sales ramp up? Still keeping everything in file cabinets and hanging out in Selling Manager continuously? Maybe it's time to take the next step in your organizational life.

eBay Resources You Didn't Know Existed
With eBay continually introducing new features and retiring old ones, it can be hard to keep up with what's on offer. Here are a handful of tools you probably didn't know existed, but should.

Ten eBay Website Features You May Have Missed
eBay's web marketplace is always changing as eBay adds new features and removes old ones. Here are ten interesting eBay website features of which you may not previously have been aware.

Understanding Managed Returns on eBay
eBay's new Managed Returns tool makes returns easier on buyers and sellers alike, but sellers are right to have, and ask, careful questions.

Expand Your Marketplace Research with Terapeak for Amazon.com
Longtime eBay marketplace research provider Terapeak has launched a similar service for Amazon.com. Here's what the new product means for both Amazon.com and eBay sellers, and why it may be a good thing for your business.

Hone Your Selling and Strategy Using eBay's Seller Center
eBay continues to improve its Seller Center, adding useful information and basic resources that all new sellers should explore.

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