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Goofbay.com (eBay Sniping Site)

Quick review of eBay auction sniping website Goofbay.com


Goofbay.com (eBay Sniping Site)

Want to bid as time is running out and not before? Goofbay.com is one tool to help you do this.

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Popularity: High
Software Installation: No
Computer Must Be Running: No
Security Status: Third Party
Fee Structure: Free

Goofbay.com is an eBay sniping platform—a tool that enables you to automatically place last-moment eBay bids without having to use eBay's own bidding system, which could potentially encourage other bids.

Click here to visit Goofbay.com.

Detailed Information About Goofbay.com

The following details about Goofbay.com do not represent an endorsement (or criticism of) Goofbay.com for sniping or other purposes. About.com is not affiliated with Goofbay.com in any way.

Goofbay.com Popularity: HIGH

Goofbay.com is one of the most popular eBay sniping platforms online, likely because of its low cost (the service is free).

Software Installation: NO

This eBay sniping platform is web-based, meaning that it doesn't require that you install any software on your computer. Instead, it runs inside your web browser.

Computer Must Be Running: NO

Since this sniping platform is web-based, all of your snipes are processed by Goofbay.com's servers, meaning that your computer doesn't have to be on for sniping to occur. Once you enter your snipes, Goofbay.com will handle the rest, whether your computer is on or not.

Security Status: THIRD PARTY

Because Goofbay.com needs your eBay account information in order to place bids on your behalf, you must supply your eBay login and password to Goofbay.com, meaning that if Goofbay.com is ever compromised, your eBay account is compromised, too.

Group/Contingency Sniping: YES

Goofbay.com supports group sniping (also known as contingency sniping), in which you place snipes for multiple similar items, all of which are all cancelled as soon as you win any one of them.

Price/Fee Structure

Goofbay.com is a free service, which likely contributes significantly to its popularity.

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