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Visual Guide to Selling Using eBay's iPhone App

Step-by-step illustrations to help you list your first item


eBay's mobile app for iPhone makes selling on eBay faster and more easy than it's ever been before. If you're new to mobile apps or the iPhone, however, the thought of posting an entire eBay listing using your phone might be a bit daunting.

Follow along with the steps in this guide and see how simple the process can be.

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Step 1: Tap 'Sell'Step 2: Tap 'List your item'Step 3: Scan BarcodeStep 4: Aim Camera at Barcode
Step 5: Verify DetailsStep 6: Enter Listing TitleStep 7: Begin Category SelectionStep 8: Select Category
Step 9: Add Photo(s)Step 10: Select 'Camera' or 'Photo Library'Step 11: Trim PhotoStep 12: Add/Edit Description
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