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Selling Internationally on eBay

Boost your sales by being open to new markets


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Selling on eBay is fun and can be tremendously profitable in your own country, but one of the most unique aspects of the eBay marketplace is its truly international nature. Through eBay, buyers and sellers can complete transactions from different countries and areas of the world, buying and selling in different currencies—in the same transaction.

Aside from the convenience and novelty factors that make international eBay trading so interesting, a more mundane fact may be interesting to dedicated sellers: by selling internationally on eBay, you expand your market and base of potential buyers significantly.

Posting an International Listing

Posting an international listing on eBay is easy and can be done from the standard selling form. In the “Give buyers shipping details” area of the form (located on the same page on which you describe your item), perform the following steps to set up international shipping:

  1. Click on the box initially marked "No international shipping" to open a drop-down list giving you international options.

  2. Select either "Flat: same cost to all buyers" if you want to charge a single shipping rate to all of the locations you're willing to shop to, or select "Calculated: cost varies by buyer location" to enter shipping costs for each different location to which you're willing to ship.

  3. Use the rest of that part of the form, including the "Ship to" and "Services" drop-down lists, to add shipping destinations and costs one by one, or select "Worldwide" if you're willing to ship worldwide.
By selecting international shipping locations and costs, you've told eBay that you're willing to sell to people in those areas, and eBay will show your auction listing to international buyers accordingly. It’s that simple.

Well, almost that simple. Read on for some tips and one major caveat that you should keep in mind when posting listings for international sales this way.

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