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Sell Your Item at a Fixed Price (continued)

Non-auction listings and eBay Stores


Fixed Price listings

Select the Fixed Price listing format at the start of the sell form if you don't want to allow bids at all.

Fixed Price Auction Listings

If you want to force any buyer to use Buy It now—meaning, in short, that you don't want to allow bids, but rather simply want to list your item at a price that you decide, period—then Fixed Price listings are for you.

The Fixed Price selling form is similar in many ways to the standard auction listing form, but doesn't ask for a minimum bid amount. In keeping with this omission, buyers who view your listing will not see a place to bid, but instead will see only the option to Buy It Now at the price that you've set.

Fixed price listings function in every other way just like normal listings to the buyer, and will turn up in the same categories and search results. Seller fees also behave like normal listings, according to the standard eBay fees table.

To sell at a fixed price, simply select the "Fixed Price" option in answer to the "How would you like to sell your item?" when you create your item listing.

eBay Stores

eBay stores give sellers a third way to sell items on eBay at a fixed price, and a somewhat more economical one for volume sellers at that. In order to sell eBay store inventory items, a seller must pay a monthly fee to open an online store on eBay. Prices for basic stores begin at under $16.00 per month and increase in price along with the selling amenities and volume management tools that they offer to sellers.

In addition to standard listing formats, store owners can also use the inventory item listing format, a fixed price listing format whose fee structure and listing duration can be very attractive to high-volume or large-inventory sellers. Inventory item listing costs are only a few cents each, regardless of the price of the item, and inventory items can be listed for for as little as a month or as long as forever (until the item sells).

Beyond the additional listing format, eBay stores also give sellers a platform through which items of multiple types can be listed and their entire inventory presented in one area that remains under the seller's control and to which repeat buyers can return any time they like to find additional similar items.

There is one caveat to inventory items in stores, however, and that is that inventory items do not appear in the standard eBay search results, but instead appear at the bottom of many eBay search results pages under the "Stores" header or at the other end of a link labeled "See additional Buy It Now items from eBay Store sellers."

Happy selling!

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