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What are the basics for pro eBay sellers? (cont'd)

The basics of an eBay business aren't all that expensive or hard to assemble


What are the basics for pro eBay sellers? (cont'd)

Before cutting the ribbon on your new eBay business, take a look at what others tend to find necessary and ask whether you have everything you need

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  • A properly outfitted home office. No serious eBay seller tries to operate without a separate space somewhere in which to do research, create listings, handle customer service issues, and package/ship items. If you're serious about selling on eBay, you'll set aside and outfit a home office.
  • An eBay selling "emergency kit." eBay sellers that plan to rely on their eBay selling for income know very well that it's not a good idea to be without a backup plan. If you're planning to be a serious eBay seller, you'll want to start building a serious set of backups for all of your major selling needs right from the very beginning.
  • An accounting system. The more you sell on eBay, the more serious an issue accounting becomes, not just for tax purposes, but to be able to simply manage and control income and expenditures and to understand what your margins need to be and how to minimize operating costs. Some sellers prefer to do this themselves but automate the process by downloading data directly from PayPal, sometimes for use with other software, but many sellers rely on automated accounting providers like Outright.
  • Metrics goals to help them progress. Sellers without goals tend to have no direction; they sell for a while and then fizzle out, often with vague complains about things just not working out. Sellers that make a serious go at eBay selling know what they want to achieve and this causes them to strive to make it. Becoming a Power Seller is one goal; getting the top-rated seller discount is another. The most important thing is to know the sorts of things you can strive for and then reach for them.
  • An selling manager or auction manager (for larger or multiplatform sellers). Sellers that grow also need to know when to go past the do-it-yourself ethos and join the group of bigger independent sellers that rely on selling managers or auction managers for their eBay business. Many of these also help sellers to transition into multiple selling platforms (one set of tools to sell on eBay, Amazon, and other places as well).

Getting it All Into Place

Don't feel as though you have to have everything on this list in place to begin—but it's a list that you should be familiar with, enough to know decisively what items on it you need and don't need at any given moment in order to operate successfully.

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