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Sell Better on eBay

eBay sellers run the gamut, from individuals selling unused items found around the house to small businesses using eBay as a second channel to supplement their brick-and-mortar stores to big overstock and off-lease liquidators. Whatever your size and interest in eBay selling, you'll want to know what you're doing as you launch your eBay selling career. These articles help you to do just that.
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Selling on eBay: Quick Tips at a Glance
This is the place to go when you just want the most essential information, quick, simple, and dirty, about how to perform as a seller. Drive sales, create growth, maximize your returns, and get the most from your eBay seller account.

List an Item for Sale, Step-by-Step
This visual guide to the standard eBay selling form shows you how to list an item for sale, step-by-step, and how to complete each part of the listing form along the way to match your needs as a seller.

Visual Guide to Selling Using eBay's iPhone App
Learn to sell an item on eBay using the eBay mobile app on iPhone by following along with this step-by-step visual guide.

Use the Seller Information Center
The eBay Seller Information Center is your one-stop shop for all of the basics of eBay selling, from getting started to the most important tips and tricks to rules and fees.

Auction vs. Fixed-Price: How to Choose a Listing Format
The two most basic ways to sell your item on eBay are by using the venerable auction format to solicit bids or by listing your item at a fixed price at which someone can immediately buy it. Here's which one to choose for your sales, and why.

Troubleshoot Your Listings
Do you have the nagging feeling that your item listings are underperforming, or that other sellers are doing better than you with the same goods? Use this checklist to help you troubleshoot your listings for common mistakes and areas of potential improvement.

Quick Guide to Listing Formats
eBay offers a variety of listing formats to help buyers and sellers connect and transact. This quick guide runs down the basic set of eBay listing formats to help you decide the best way to move your goods.

Quick Guide to Describing Item Conditions
Sometimes it's hard to decide how to describe the condition of an item to potential buyers. You don't want to needlessly underrate your item's condition, but you don't want to face unreasonable buyer expectations, either. This quick guide can help you to decide how to describe your item's condition when you list.

Item Descriptions Made Easy
You've been told to write nice item descriptions rather than lousy ones, but what does a nice item description look like, and how do you go about writing one? This step-by-step guide helps you to generate an item description that will sell your goods.

Win the Battle for the Bid
Buying on eBay is a matter of narrowing down choices. Selling on eBay is a matter of getting buyers to choose your listing rather than the other guy's. Here are eight tips to help you win the battle for the bid.

Understanding Detailed Feedback
Want to say more about a seller in feedback than just "positive," "negative," or "neutral?" eBay's relatively new "detailed seller ratings" tool can help you to express yourself in more detail.

Building Your Feedback Profile
If your plan is to become a successful eBay seller, building a solid feedback profile is the place to start. There's no scientific formula for accomplishing this, but it pays to keep a few things in mind.

Make Best Match Work for You
eBay's new "Best Match" ranking system is the stuff of dreams and nightmares. It's a dream for buyers frustrated by high costs, poor selection, and poor service. It's a nightmare for sellers that find themselves suddenly buried last in search results. If you're such a seller, don't despair; best match can be made to work for you.

How to Choose an eBay Business Model
Everybody talks about "starting an eBay business," but if you're new to the world of eBay it can be difficult to know where and how to begin. What business models are commonly used on eBay, and which are the most successful? This article gives you quick details on six of the most common eBay business models: barriers to entry, success and failure potential, and problems to watch out for.

What should I sell on eBay? Where should I get it?
If you don't already know what to sell on eBay when you start your eBay business, you may be thinking about the question in the wrong way. The answer changes from week to week, sometimes even from day to day.

Supply and Demand on eBay
It's one thing if you just want to hold the eBay version of a garage sale and make some spare cash with items on hand. If you want to turn your eBaying into a profitable business, however, you'll need to think harder than that about your buying and selling choices.

Maximize Bids by Timing Your Listings
How to improve the number of bids your auctions receive and the total sale value that you achieve, simply by adjusting your timing.

Nine Small Business Pitfalls to Avoid
Are you running a small eBay business? Have you taken steps to ensure that you don't turn any of these necessities into a management gaffe or pitfall?

Quick Tips for eBay Photos
Most sellers realize that it's important to include a photo of the sale item in every item listing. Not all photos, however, are created equal. Read on for quick tips about eBay listing photos.

Assisted Trading on eBay
Trading assistants are independent agents that sell items on eBay for other individuals for a small fee. Whether you're interested in finding and using a trading assistant to sell an item on eBay or interested in becoming an eBay trading assistant yourself, this is the place to begin.

Drop Shipping Tips for eBay Sellers
Drop shipping is one of the classic direct marketing models, and it has done very well for a large number of entrepreneurs. Be aware, however, that drop shipping on eBay can present special challenges—challenges that you'll need to surmount if you plan to succeed.

Do Your eBay Selling in Less Time
Many small and part-time sellers feel as though their eBay sales success is constrained more by a lack of time than anything else. If this is you,...

Five Ways to Lower Seller Risk
Despite the reams and reams of advice to sellers about selling on eBay, there are five simple things you can do to lower your exposure to risk.

Selling Internationally on eBay
Selling internationally on eBay can be both fun and profitable. Here's how to do it, along with a few things to keep in mind so that your experience and your buyers' experiences are good ones.

Ten Tips for Cross-Border Trade
Making a few of your auctions available to international buyers is one thing, but if you plan to incorporate cross-border trade into your business model in a serious way, you're up against a more serious set of issues. Here are ten tips to help you thrive as an international seller.

eBay HTML Survival Guide
Improve your auction listing performance by using HTML to make your auctions more presentable and easier to understand.

All About PowerSellers
You've seen the logo and the word around eBay, but how does one become a PowerSeller and what benefits does this program offer to eBay buyers and sellers? Find out here.

Canceling Bids and Listings
What to do when you decide that you don't want to sell after all, or that you want to sell now rather than later.

Tips for Summer and Vacation Buying and Selling
When the summer fun and travel season is on the horizon, it's time to think about using eBay to turn old gear into cash or to equip a new vacation season on the cheap

eBay Sellers and Tax Changes
The IRS has announced a new Form 1099-K for the reporting of gross receipts using electronic payment systems, including PayPal and credit card merchant accounts. Starting in 2011, you'll have to account for the online payments you've received.

Online Auction Alternatives to eBay
eBay has changed a lot over the last several years, and these changes have caused many smaller sellers, especially those who prefer auction format selling, to search for alternatives. Here are some of the most popular.

From eBay: Selling—Overivew
eBay's own overview of the selling process, covering the various formats for selling on eBay and and how to create a listing.

Thirty Ways to Source for eBay Selling
You already know you're not one of the big-name retailers that eBay has been courting in recent years, but you still want to make a eBay selling a sideline. What are some ways to get something to sell?

Seven Metrics Goals for eBay Sellers
The dollars and cents of your balance sheet tell you how you're doing as a seller today, but how do you know how well you'll do tomorrow in the maze of eBay standards and metrics? Here are seven goals for measurable eBay performance to keep you on the eBay straight and narrow.

Use Listing Upgrades to Tweak Your Selling
The once dizzying array of eBay listing upgrades has in recent years been reduced to a few tried-and-true modifications and promotions that really do impact bids and sales.

Become a Business, Not Just a Seller
Lots of new eBayers just want to "become" eBay sellers, but when you're serious about eBay success, what you also need to do is "become" a real, bona-fide business. Here are some essential steps to help you get there.

Eight Fundamental Seller's Tools
As a seller just starting out on eBay, it can often seem as though there are a bewildering array of resources, services, and tools of various kinds available to you. But which of these do you really need? Here are tools that other sellers have found to be essential.

Eight Steps to eBay Success
Every eBay business is different, but the most successful eBay businesses founded by individuals tend to have a few things in common that most anyone can replicate, given time and dedication. Here are eight steps to eBay success.

Understanding the Spring 2012 Seller Update
The Spring 2012 seller update brings changes to the feedback system, detailed seller ratings, top-rated seller program, and listing properties that ought to make many sellers happy.

Tweak Your eBay Preferences
Thinking of suggesting a configuration option or change to eBay to make your selling life easier? Have you checked to see whether you can already make or accomplish the change you're looking for in your eBay account preferences?

What are the basics for pro eBay sellers?
So you're ready to start an eBay business and you're trying to get the basics down. What are the basics that most sellers have in place in terms of subscriptions, relationships, and resources? What, in other words, are the basics of an eBay business?

Fundamentals of Customer Service on eBay
Don't try to become a successful eBay seller without knowing something about the fundamentals of customer service on eBay. Great customer relationships are the difference between long-lived, successful eBay sellers and the "here today, gone tomorrow" variety that's all too common.

Tweak Your Listings for Mobile Shoppers
We've all entered a new era of mobile shopping, and eBay has, too. Here are the important questions to ask yourself as you craft listings with the growing pool of mobile shoppers in mind.

Ten Things to Know About eBay Auction Listings
eBay auction listings are the original, classic eBay buying and selling format. Here are ten things you should know about them.

Ten Things to Know About eBay Fixed-Price Listings
Fixed price listings aren't new to eBay any longer, but they haven't been around forever. Here are some things that you may or may not know about them.

The How and Why of Private eBay Listings
Ever stumble across an eBay listing that didn't let you see its list of previous bidders? Private eBay listings can confuse some, but there are good reasons why sellers use them.

Supplement Your Retirement Income
Retired? Need a little extra income on the side, but unsure whether eBay is for you? Here are some tips to help you answer the question and get started selling on eBay.

Understanding Managed Returns on eBay
eBay's new Managed Returns tool makes returns easier on buyers and sellers alike, but sellers are right to have, and ask, careful questions.

Selling After the End of eBay Instant Sale
eBay has closed eBay Instant Sale, but don't let that stop you from turning the item(s) you would have sold that way into the cash you wanted.

Time Your Listings, Revisited
Years ago, eBay sellers needed to time their listings carefully for best effect. Now that's not as true as it once was, and the kinds of timing choices and resources in question have evolved.

Rely on Data, Not Dreams, for Sourcing Decisions
Too many beginning sellers source products using their instincts, gut feelings, and "experience" that has little to do with actual market potential. It's not complicated to get actual data that enables you to ensure a profit, but it will take an investment of time and/or money.

Tips from a Power Buyer
This free-form list of tips from a power buyer gives a lot of great but often overlooked details about what buyers look for when choosing between your auction and a competitor's auction.

Ten Reasons to Choose eBay Over Amazon for Selling
Evaluating both eBay and Amazon as selling platforms? Here are ten reasons to consider eBay over Amazon as a selling platform.

Ten Reasons to Choose Amazon Over eBay for Selling
Evaluating both eBay and Amazon as selling platforms? Here are ten reasons to consider Amazon over eBay as a selling platform.

Grow Your Selling by Going Multichannel
Are you holding your business back by focusing exclusively on eBay? It's never been easier to expand your online selling into multiple channels. Here are some tools to help.

Expand Your Marketplace Research with Terapeak for Amazon.com
Longtime eBay marketplace research provider Terapeak has launched a similar service for Amazon.com. Here's what the new product means for both Amazon.com and eBay sellers, and why it may be a good thing for your business.

Understanding the Art of Auction Pricing on eBay
The auction format listing is still with us on eBay, but because sellers today have more choices and more information, choosing and pricing auction format listings is a less straightforward affair than it used to be.

Understanding eBay's 2013 Fall Seller Update
eBay's 2013 Fall Seller Update contains changes that will affect Top Rated Sellers, sellers concerned about poor feedback, sellers using managed returns, Motors sellers, and more over the late months of 2013.

Understanding Unexplained eBay Suspensions
Are you the victim of an "unexplained" eBay suspension? The situation can be pretty grim, but there are some important things to understand about your plight.

Three Easy Ways to Find Out What Shoppers are Searching For
Knowing what keywords shoppers are actually searching for can help you to decide what you ought to sell and to create listings whose titles and descriptions come up as results in more searches. Here are three easy techniques to find out what shoppers are searching for right now.

Five Easy Ways to Find Market Trends and Decide What to Sell on eBay
Beginning sellers often ask "What should I sell on eBay?" As it turns out, this question isn't that hard to answerand the trends that answer it aren't that hard to find.

eBay Still the Place for Hot, Limited-Supply Goods
While some have prematurely proclaimed the death of eBay, the Xbox One and PS4 launches tell us that in some ways, there's still no competition.

Research Your Competitors to Gain an Edge on eBay

Five Ways to Find Keywords for Your Listing
With the advent of Cassini, keywords aren't what they used to be on eBay, but they're still important—and the best sellers know how to find them.

What eBay's New "Defect Rate" Calculation Means for You

Ten eBay Best Practices for 2014 and Beyond
eBay has changed a lot in recent years, and there's a lot of material out there about eBay selling. Here are key best practices for 2014 and beyond.

Six Kinds of Research Sellers eBay Sellers Need to Do

Source on eBay to Sell on eBay: The Import/Export Angle
One in a series of five articles on ways to source on eBay in order to sell on eBay. As an eBay-based importer, you add value by removing risk.

Source on eBay to Sell on eBay: The Bulk Lots Angle
One in a series of five articles on ways to source on eBay in order to sell on eBay. As an eBay bulk lots reseller, you add value by contributing labor and logistics work.

Source on eBay to Sell on eBay: The Recycling Angle
One in a series of five articles on ways to source on eBay in order to sell on eBay. As an eBay-based recycler, you separate usable parts from junk.

Source on eBay to Sell on eBay: The Curation Angle
One in a series of five articles on ways to source on eBay in order to sell on eBay. As an eBay-based curator, you gather "orphans" and one-offs for a curated store.

Source on eBay to Sell on eBay: The Restoration Angle
One in a series of five articles on ways to source on eBay in order to sell on eBay. Turn cheaply sourced junk into working goods for profit.

Hone Your Selling and Strategy Using eBay's Seller Center
eBay continues to improve its Seller Center, adding useful information and basic resources that all new sellers should explore.

The Nuts and Bolts of Market Arbitrage
You've always been told to buy low and sell high. If only it was that easy! Some pros actually manage to do this on a regular basis, and the methods that they use are surprisingly simple.

eBay or Amazon? The Answer is Increasingly "Yes."
For sellers trying to decide whether to sell on eBay or Amazon, the right answer is increasingly: "both." Here's why.

To Template or Not To Template Your eBay Listings?

Give your eBay Store Some TLC

Make eBay Selling Manageable by Staggering Your Tasks
Trying to do everything needed for eBay selling all at once is a recipe for burnout. Here's how to make the overwhelming manageable.

"Defect Rate" Pitfalls: What Could Be Bad About eBay's New Metric
eBay's new "defect rate" performance metric is set to take effect later this year. But what are some of the drawbacks?

How Answering Questions Can Lead to Sales
Sellers can sometimes see buyer questions as unhelpful time-consumers. The truth is, answering them attentively can do good things for your business.

See Opened Cases as Opportunities
It can be tempting to let frustration build when a buyer opens a case—but as this experience shows, solving problems with grace can boost business.

Track Your Selling Metrics for Success, Part 1
Success on eBay is a matter of making good decisions every day—but it's hard to make good decisions without good information. Here's how to get it.

Track Your Selling Metrics for Success, Part 2

Track Your Selling Metrics for Success, Part 3
Many eBay sellers study marketplace trends—but astute sellers are also aware of the trends happening in their own sales and customer base.

Track Your Selling Metrics for Success, Part 4

How Successful Niche Sellers Found Their "Niches" on eBay
"Finding your niche" is one of those easier-said-than-done tasks for new eBay sellers. It's not hard; it just requires a change in mindset.

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