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Disputes and Disagreements

How to handle life's little aggravations while using eBay: handling unhapy buyers, unhappy sellers, and disputes over shipment, pricing, descriptions, or timing. Even the worst disputes can be resolved before your feedback takes a beating.

Contacting eBay Members
Why eBay members sometimes want to contact other eBay members, what to know before you try, and how to get the job done.

How do I contact eBay directly?
To contact eBay directly, use one of the customer support forms on the eBay website to contact eBay with your question, issue, or concern.

Refunds and Exhcanges for eBay Purchases
The refund or return process on eBay isn't quite the same as it is on other ecommerce web sites. On eBay, buyers and sellers must negotiate directly with one another to complete the refund process. Here are some tips to help refunds and exchanges along.

Watching for Copycats and Counterfeiters
If you're a creator or producer worried about unauthorized reproductions or copies of your products showing up on eBay, or if you've found someone else stealing your auction listings themselves, eBay's VeRO program can help you.

Resolving Disputes With Sellers
What to do when an eBay purchase transaction doesn't exactly go according to plan.

What To Do When You Don't Get Paid
Most transactions go off without a hitch, but what about those winners that seem to drag their feet endlessly, never quite managing to pay you for the item?

Dealing with Buyers' Refund Requests
Problem transactions are a part of every seller's life, and refund requests are some of the most discouraging things a seller can see in his or her inbox. Don't let it get to you, thoug; keep your head about you and work for the best resolution you can.

Dealing with Payment Holds and Chargebacks
What are payment holds and chargebacks? How can they be navigated and their effects avoided? If you're an eBay seller, these can be critical questions that mean success or failure for your business.

Dealing with Buyer Fraud
When most people imagine fraud on eBay, they think of fraudulent auctions. Buyers and bidders, too, can be guilty of fraudulent or damaging activity, and are often a nightmare for sellers.

Can eBay feedback be erased?
Can eBay feedback be erased? Yes, if both parties agree to the removal.

Canceling Bids and Listings
What to do when you decide that you don't want to sell after all, or that you want to sell now rather than later.

From eBay: Resolving Disputes
According to this eBay guide, good communication is the first step toward a resolution when disputes between buyer and seller occur.

From eBay: File an Unpaid Item Claim
If you are logged in to eBay, follow this link to file notice that a bidder has won one of your auction but has not paid for it. If the bidder fails to pay for the auction after being notified of the dispute, some of your fees may be refunded.

From eBay: File an Item Not Received Claim
If you are logged into eBay, follow this link to file a claim stating that you have not received an item or that the item you received is significantly different from its listing description.

From eBay: Mutual Feedback Withdrawal Form
If you are logged into eBay, follow this link to initiate the process of having feedback removed in regard to a paricular transaction, if both buyer and seller are amenable.

Resolving eBay Buying Problems and Disputes
A reasonably detailed third-party discussion of the resolution of buying and selling disputes from Terry Gibbs at IWantCollectibles.com.

How to Dispute a Credit Card Purchase
It's never fun to contemplate having to dispute a credit card charge, but from time to time it can become necessary. If you've never done it before, here are the steps and some key tips.

I'm So Frustrated with eBay I Could Scream! Help me!
Sooner or later, almost everyone that buys regularly on any ecommerce site will have a bad experience. Here are some steps to take and things to try, along with an admonition not go go on trying too long.

Fundamentals of Customer Service on eBay
Don't try to become a successful eBay seller without knowing something about the fundamentals of customer service on eBay. Great customer relationships are the difference between long-lived, successful eBay sellers and the "here today, gone tomorrow" variety that's all too common.

What to Do When You Can't Contact eBay
Even if you're struggling to reach eBay, there are still things that you can do to solve whatever problem you're having.

Oops! I've made a big eBay mistake! How do I cancel?
Sometime during his or her eBay life, every eBayer will make a serious mistake and hit the panic button. What can you do, once you're on the "I didn't mean to do that and need to back out?!" roller-coaster?

Understanding Managed Returns on eBay
eBay's new Managed Returns tool makes returns easier on buyers and sellers alike, but sellers are right to have, and ask, careful questions.

What can I do if buyer protection didn't work for me?
eBay's Buyer Protection is a shopper's first line of defense when things go wrong, but what if Buyer Protection has let you down? What else can you do?

Was my item really delivered? Where is it?
You made a purchase on eBay and the carrier says that it was delivered...only you don't have it. What gives, and how can you go about getting your stuff?

Where is the rest of my money?
Have you sold an item on eBay, only to be frustrated by the amount of cash left for you once all is said and done? Here's what you need to know to keep this from happening next time around.

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