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Give Back as You Sell

When you're feeling thankful and lucky, it's time to give back and help out


Give Back as You Sell

With all that's going on in the world, don't forget that eBay's Giving Works is an easy way to help do some good.

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Whether you've been inspired by a season of thanks or are just feeling thankful in general for life and eBay success, it's a common impulse to want to "give back" in some way at various times in business life.

If this sounds like you, don't forget eBay Giving Works.

Giving to Charity as You Sell

Giving Works gives you the chance to automatically route dollars from your sales to charities of your choosing, a way to give something back to the world even as you continue to carry on business as usual.

Amongst other things, Giving Works is a great way to help out after natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, or to help the victims of particular events, diseases, or other unfortunate occurrences that you feel ought to be helped.

Giving works can also help to drive sales, particularly when these kinds of unfortunate occurrences are in the news. When choosing between a Giving Works eBay listing and a regular one, seeing that dollars are going to charity can be the thing that wins you the battle for the bid in the end.

Giving Using Giving Works

To donate a portion of proceeds to charity using Giving Works, follow these steps:

  1. Begin your item listing as you normally would.

  2. On the page on which you enter item details, scroll down to "Choose how you'd like to sell your item," some way below the item description entry box.

  3. Locate the "eBay Giving Works" area in the bottom half of this box.

  4. Choose a chariity. If you don't like either of the choices offered, use the "Select another nonprofit you love" link to view a list of all the charities available through Giving Works.

  5. Select an amount to give in the "Donation percentage" drop-down list.

  6. Accept the Giving Works terms and conditions by checking the relevant checkbox (just below the percentage drop-down).

  7. Either opt to give your contact information to the charity (by checking the option to do so) or to keep your information private (by not checking it).

  8. Continue the rest of your auction listing as you normally would.

That's all there is to it; filling out the Giving Works portion of the auction listing form is all that you need to do. When your item is sold, the percentage that you decided to give will automatically be deducted from the total and directed to the charity in question, without your having to do anything else.

Encouraging Your Buyers to Give

When you really care about a cause, you want to drive as much attention (and money) toward it as possible, so don't forget to let your buyers know that they're giving to charity by buying from you. In some cases, it makes a real difference to buyers, and from time to time they may miss the eBay-supplied logo and donation information near the top of the auction.

Be sure not to turn your listing into an advertisement for the charity or cause in question (since this may cause your listing to be pulled by eBay), but don't hesitate to include a small burb or graphic in your item description that:

  • Notifies buyers that by buying from you they're giving to a charity

  • That you really believe in this charity and want to do your part to help

  • Thanks them for doing their part to help out, too

Whether you're giving to charity because it's a season of thanks for everyone or because you're feeling particularly generous and thankful yourself, doing your part through eBay Giving Works can turn your eBay selling into something more than just a business, and can give your buyers the chance to do something good for the world, too.

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