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Definition: An eBay member is said to be suspended when eBay has made a change to the member's account to prevent the member from bidding on auctions, listing new items for sale, or generally participating in eBay in any way. When this occurs, the words "Not a registered user" will appear next to the member's ID wherever it appears on the eBay website.

Suspensions may occur for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to three very general categories:

When a member is suspended, eBay provides via email instructions to that user for becoming unsuspended—if it is possible to bring the account into good standing at all. For some types of rule violations, suspension is permanent.

Note that eBay also maintains meticulous records about all members, including cross-checks against names, addresses, and phone numbers, meaning that once a member has been suspended, they cannot simply open a new account and resume trading unless they have access to fraudulent or false identities and use them in such a pursuit.

Finally, note also that members who have begun a transaction with another member that later became suspended are relieved of their obligation to complete the transaction. Bids (including winning bids) become non-binding when a seller is suspended, and the agreement to accept payment and ship is void once a buyer is suspended.

Also Known As: Not a registered user, NARU

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