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Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)


Definition: Gross Merchandise Volume refers to the total volume in dollars of sales on eBay and eBay-branded trading websites in a given economic period. It is commonly used in reference to two kinds of information:

  1. The total volume of goods sold on eBay as a whole, across the entire website, as a measure of eBay's performance and status as a marketplace, or

  2. The total volume of sales by an individual seller over a recent period, as a method of monitoring sales performance and business health

Depending on the context, a seller may be talking about either one, or even both, for example: "eBay's GMV is slightly down year-over-year, but I'm seeing much worse in my own business—GMV has fallen 20 percent this month, as compared to last month at this time."

Also Known As: GMV, Gross Volume

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