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Using the My eBay System

Use My eBay to manage your account, your listings, and your bids


My eBay is a portion of the eBay website that collects all of your current eBay activity, including buying and selling, on a single page for easy access. My eBay matches your bids and auctions to tools that help to streamline your eBay experience.

Your My eBay Page

  • Can always be accessed at http://my.ebay.com.
  • Can also always be accessed by clicking on "My eBay" at the top of any eBay page.

On your My eBay page you will find clickable lists of:

  • All listings on which you've recently bid (with green-colored prices for those that you are winning).
  • All auctions you've recently won or purchases you've recently made.
  • All items you are currently selling (with green-colored prices for those that have earned bids).
  • All items you have recently sold.
  • Items you are currently watching.
  • A list of your favorite sellers and/or searches.
In addition to these lists built specially for you on an ongoing basis, on My eBay you will also find:
  • Links to useful eBay site tools.
  • Links to change or view your user account or profile.
  • Links to your seller account (i.e. fees owed) in order to view or pay off your fees balance.

My eBay in Detail

When you visit the My eBay page, you'll see your My eBay summary page, which displays a customizable summary of your current eBay activity. On the left side of your My eBay summary page you'll see a navigation bar that includes links to all of the basic areas in the My eBay system:

As a regular eBay user you'll quickly become familiar with many of the features in your My eBay page. The more proficient with My eBay you are, the more easily you'll be able to locate items you wish to buy, win auctions at your preferred price, and sell items for the best possible amount.

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