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eBay for Beginners

New to eBay? There are a few things you need to know as you begin to trade actively. Below are tutorials that show you how to join, how to buy, how to sell, how bidding works, what your responsibilities as an eBay user are, and how to trade on eBay safely. If you've tried to use eBay and found it to be difficult or confusing, start reading here to begin your eBay experience.
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What it Costs to Join/Trade on eBay
If you're not yet an eBay trader, you may assume that it actually costs a lot to trade on eBay: annual memberships, transaction fees, surcharges, and so on. In fact, this isn't the case. If you're a shopper, eBay doesn't cost you a thing, and if you're a seller, your charges depend entirely on how much you sell.

Join eBay in 10 Easy Steps
Want to buy and sell on eBay? First you've got to join. There's no up-front cost involved, never a surcharge to buy, and selling charges only if you actually list items for sale. If you think you're ready to take the plunge and join the world's largest online shopping community, this step-by-step visual guide will show you how.

Get the eBay Help You Need
Despite several years of attempts to make eBay more user-friendly, eBay remains one of the most complex buying an selling environments online. Questions are inevitable. Happily, answers often can be, too. Here is where to find the eBay help you need.

Using the eBay Help Center
eBay knows that new users (and even experienced users) will need detailed help from time to time, so eBay has designed and implemented an extensive help system with thousands of useful documents, tutorials, and links to make your eBay experience a smooth one. Here's how to use eBay help.

How to Shop on eBay, Step by Step
If you've already joined eBay, you're ready to start shopping. If you're new to eBay, though, the eBay shopping process might seem a little daunting in comparison to your experiences with other online retailers. Here's how to find what you want to buy, bid on and win it, pay for it afterward, and have it delivered to your door.

Eight Things You Should Know Before Shopping on eBay
Yes, you can shop on eBay without any special training or insider information, just by clicking on the "Buy it Now" button. You'll fare better, though—better prices, better results, and more satisfaction in the long run—if you know these eight things about eBay.com.

Understanding eBay Bidding
Bidding on eBay is the one thing that drives most new members crazy. Controversial and spectacularly useful, eBay's proxy bidding system bids automatically for you if you ask it to, leading some members to think that they're being cheated and other members to bid more often than they have to. Here's everything you need to know about how the bidding process on eBay's auction listings works.

Evaluating eBay Item Listings
The key to shopping successfully on eBay is being able to read item listings carefully so that you know whether or not you really want to bid on or buy a given item. There's a lot of information there, but when you're new it can be difficult to sift through it all. Knowing the kinds of information that you'll find in item listings can help.

Browsing Items For Sale by Category
Searching for items by typing in keyword after keyword isn't for everybody, and sometimes search results on eBay don't actually show you what you're hoping to buy. There is, however, another way: browse eBay's huge selection according to a system of categories. Here's how.

How to Sell on eBay, Step by Step
Lots of people join eBay because they're interested in selling. eBay has become one of the hottest destinations for budding businesses and surplus sellers looking to turn inventories into cash. The process of selling on eBay is actually a simple one. Here's how to do it, step-by-step.

Guide to Creating an Item Listing
Selling on eBay can seem intimidating, given the wide range of options and features offered to sellers. Luckily, for beginners there's a simplified selling form appropriate for most types of sales. Using the simple form, you can get started as a seller on eBay with a minimum of fuss and a shallow learning curve.

Junk into Cash on eBay, Room-by-Room
If you've heard that eBay is a great place to turn junk into cash and lamented the utter lack of cash-worthy junk in your life, this article may be for you. Complete this room-by-room tour of your home and find something that can bring you dollars on eBay.

Five "First Items" to Get You Started Selling
Sometimes the hardest part of becoming an eBay seller is deciding on and making your first sale. This can be especially true for would-be casual sellers that don't have a "business model" and aren't particularly interested in developing one. Here are some basic "what to sell first" ideas for the casual seller.

Understanding the eBay Feedback System
eBay's feedback system is one of the crown jewels of the eBay marketplace. Endlessly copied and emulated, eBay's public feedback system gives buyers a chance to rate sellers on their performance, and sellers a chance to reward buyers for being good customers.

eBay Rules Survival Guide
There are a lot of rules on eBay. A lot of them. If you've taken half a glance at eBay's own help system, you know that it's unlikely you'll be able to learn them all quickly. Don't worry, though; you probably don't need to know them all by heart. eBay's rulebook can be simplified into a few basic ideas and values. Keep them in mind as you start...

Introduction to PayPal
When you joined eBay, you more than likely also joined PayPal. But what is PayPal, why did you have to join it, and why do they want your credit card and bank account numbers in the process? This introduction tells you what you need to know about the eBay-owned and increasingly popular payment system.

Understanding Reserve Auctions
Reserve auctions can be confusing and create complications for buyer and seller alike. Here are simple tips for both buyers and sellers about reserve price auctions.

Top Ten Mistakes Made by Beginning eBay Shoppers
Being a new eBay shopper isn't exactly an easy task. For all the cost savings and variety to be had on eBay, it also remains a complex and often chaotic shopping experience when compared to other online shopping venues. Here are the top mistakes new eBay shoppers make.

Become a Business, Not Just a Seller
Lots of new eBayers just want to "become" eBay sellers, but when you're serious about eBay success, what you also need to do is "become" a real, bona-fide business. Here are some essential steps to help you get there.

On eBay, How do I...
Links to dozens of how-to documents for common tasks and needs on eBay. Retract a bid, cancel an auction, place a bid, find a drop-shipper, and too many other tasks to mention. Start here!

How does eBay Buyer Protection work?
eBay's Buyer Protection program is widely touted on eBay and beyond as a way for eBay shoppers to feel safe about their purchases. But how does the program work, and what does it protect?

Ten Things to Know About Your eBay ID
New to eBay or not, many people never think twice about their eBay usernames. Here are some important things you may or may not have known about your eBay user ID.

Why does eBay want my personal information?
New eBay users are often taken aback to find out how much personal information eBay wants. Some veteran users are startled to find that they can be suspended if their information is out of date. Why does eBay require all this data?

I want an eBay business, but how do I start?
There's no link that you can click on that will magically grant you a profitable eBay business. If you want to start one, you'll have to build your business the old fashioned way.

Oops! I've made a big eBay mistake! How do I cancel?
Sometime during his or her eBay life, every eBayer will make a serious mistake and hit the panic button. What can you do, once you're on the "I didn't mean to do that and need to back out?!" roller-coaster?

How long does it take to start an eBay selling business?

Myths About Starting eBay Selling

Hone Your Selling and Strategy Using eBay's Seller Center
eBay continues to improve its Seller Center, adding useful information and basic resources that all new sellers should explore.

Give your eBay Store Some TLC

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