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Can I buy and sell wholesale or in bulk lots on eBay?


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Question: Can I buy and sell wholesale or in bulk lots on eBay?
Answer: Yes. In fact, eBay has a number of special categories just for high-value or high-quantity bulk and wholesale item lots of every conceivable type. Many eBay sellers actually source a percentage of their product from eBay by buying just such lots, which they then break down and sell as individual units to eBay end-users and single-item buyers.

To shop for and/or buy wholesale lots or pallets of items, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the eBay categories page by clicking the word "CATEGORIES" at the upper-left of the eBay home page.

  2. Locate the major category (major categories are in bold type) that you're interested in, but don't click on it.

  3. Instead, click on the "More" link below the major category you're interested in.

  4. If wholesale lots are available in the category, you'll see "Wholesale Lots" as a link. Click it to shop for wholesale lots in that category.

To sell a wholesale lot, follow the usual item listing process, but when selecting your subcategory (after selecting a main category), choose "Wholesale Lots." Please note that if you are selling a single wholesale lot, you should list the lot as a single item (i.e. one lot consisting of n units) and not as a multiple item listing, which would cause your lot to be sold piecemeal, one unit at a time to eBay buyers.

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