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Can I manage my auctions using Excel?


Question: Can I manage my auctions using Excel?
Answer: Yes. If you’re a hardcore Excel user that would like to manage as much of your small business as possible using Excel sheets and their database features, you’ll be pleased to know that you can indeed manage your eBay auctions by uploading specially formatted Excel sheets to eBay. Managing your eBay auctions this way has several advantages:

  • You will have ready records of every auction you list

  • All of your listings can be managed from a single location

  • You can make changes in your listings as quickly as you can edit cells in Excel

  • You can post hundreds of listings very quickly

These features are obviously primarily of use for medium- to high-volume sellers. For that reason, there are two requirements that you must meet as a seller before you are eligible to participate in file exchange:

  1. You must have been an eBay user for at least 90 days.

  2. You must have had an average of at least 50 or more active listings per month for the last two months.

If you meet these requirements then you are free to sign up for eBay file exchange, which will provide you with a template format in Excel that can be used to track, submit, and revise auction listings all from an Excel sheet.

Is it hard to use?

eBay’s file exchange system won’t be terribly unfamiliar to anyone who has managed large amounts of structured information in a business environment using Excel. It is, however, by its nature a very technical and rules-oriented process, since it involves communicating directly with eBay’s database. Before attempting to participate in eBay’s file exchange program, you should visit the instructions and resources page and read the introductory material. If it seems strange or confusing to you after a moderate amount of review, you’re probably better of with other eBay listing tools, like turbo lister.
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