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Can eBay feedback be erased?


Question: Can eBay feedback be erased?
It's not uncommon for eBay users to feel that they have been treated unfairly when they receive negative feedback. After all, for the most part most of us are above-board traders and always feel as though we're doing our best to satisfy the other party. So can feedback be removed if we feel that it's unfair to us?
Answer: The answer is yes, feedback can actually be removed—but usually only if both parties in the transaction have worked out their differences and notify eBay that they're willing to have negative feedback withdrawn.

Feedback can also be removed under special circumstances, in general when the feedback in question is threatening, obscene or offensive, or presents a clear danger to the person about whom it was left (for example, when personal details are published in feedback).

If you have come to an agreement with your trading partner and wish to remove negative feedback that was previously left, or if you believe that a partner has left feedback that violates eBay rules or endangers your safety, visit the feedback withdrawal form to begin the process of having feedback removed.

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