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Ways to Promote Your eBay Selling Using Pinterest

Because there's more to the social world than Facebook and Twitter


Ways to Promote Your eBay Selling Using Pinterest

Yup, that's a Pinterest button. Find it on any worthy listings you'd like to promote and use it.

Image: Aron Hsiao and eBay

Many eBay sellers are already familiar with the use of platforms like Facebook or YouTube for marketing purposes, so viral marketing isn't a new thing to the eBay community. Pinterest, on the other hand—a new social media platform all about images—is different enough from the rest to offer new kinds of opportunity to socially-minded sellers.

Here are eight ways to make Pinterest work for you as an eBay marketing tool.

  • Pin your items to promote more sales. Look closely at any current eBay listing and you'll see something that wasn't there until recently: a red button for pinning listings on Pinterest. In short, use it. (But before you do, make sure that you've got your best photo foot forward, otherwise your pins won't generate attention.)
  • "Marry" your eBay and Pinterest accounts. Though the two companies don't have any direct relationship with one another, you can be sure to create a Pinterest profile that matches your eBay selling member ID and to include a link to your eBay store, list of eBay auctions, or About Me page from your Pinterest profile.
  • Make it easy for people to follow your Pinterest pins. Visit the Pinterest goodies section of the Pinterest website to find code and buttons that can be added to your ecommerce site, your blog posts, forum participation, or email communication to enable people to quickly and easily follow your pins.
  • Make it easy for people to pin you beyond eBay. If you have an independent ecommerce site or maintain a web presence in other ways that links to your eBay selling, use the same Pinterest goodies collection to add buttons making it easy for people to pin you and any links that lead to you or your listings.
  • Use Pinterest boards for marketing strategies. Nothing drives sales better than a wall of testimonials with photos. Create and pin on more focused Pinterest boards for testimonials, positive customer service stories, product categories, seasonal promotions, and other similar narratives about your business. Pinterest boards are uniquely suited to building great marketing this way.
  • Do market research using Pinterest. If you have a website of your own outside of eBay, check your source page at pinterest.com/source/your-website-URL.com to see what's generating interest. Monitor current popular pins to see what kinds of goods, images, and motifs are driving consumer interest at the moment. Also check Pinterest's eBay source page and search for "ebay" on Pinterest to see what eBay shoppers and sellers are pinning, buying, selling, and generally getting excited about.
  • Pin your customer service materials. If you maintain a separate website with customer service materials (manuals, specifications, even policies and instructions for packaging returns), these are prime candidates to be pinned on a Pinterest board or two in a way that makes them feel both organized and appealing.
  • Be prolific. Participate in your Pinterest life as an eBay seller; don't just think of it as a task or job that needs to be done every now and then. Pin a great deal and repin a great deal; be a Pinterest user, not just a visitor, since the more you participate, the more likely it is that others will see your pins.
As you put these tips into play remember, too, that enthusiasm counts in social media. If you really pin as yourself and enjoy what you're doing, you're more likely to achieve genuine "social marketing" for your selling rather than just "traditional marketing using yet another social tool."

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