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eBay and Your New Year's Resolutions

Can eBay help you to achieve your goals for the coming year?


eBay and Your New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year again. Can eBay help you to achieve your New Year's resolutions?

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It’s that time of year again. If you’re like most people, you’ve spent the first few days or weeks of the new year coming up with resolutions that you’ve probably made before, and now that the year is progressing, it’s time to make good on your promises to yourself.

In many cases, as it turns out, eBay can help you to deliver. Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions and how eBay can help you to accomplish them.

Quit Smoking and/or Drinking

If your major goal is to quit smoking or drinking, there are a number of ways to attack the problem. If you’re confident in your self-help abilities, you might try visiting eBay for products to help you to cut back (either for smokers or for drinkers).

More technological souls might be interested in a portable breathalyzer (for drinkers) to help you to monitor your alcohol intake, or in aroma inhalers and specialized ashtrays designed to help you to kick the habit (for smokers).

Of course, you’ll also find classic, simple tools for helping to kick habits as well—things like cinnamon sticks and bulk chewing gum that many have found can help to kick a variety of habits, along with lots of no smoking gear to plaster all over your house and posessions, or Alcoholics Anonymous gear to help you to start or continue with your program.

Sure, you can get some of things things elsewhere, but eBay has a couple of advantages—things like anonymity (you can have your aids shipped quietly to your door) and selection (you’ll be hard pressed to find a wider variety anywhere).

Lose Weight and/or Get Fit

eBay is a hidden mecca for health and fitness buffs everywhere. Sure, you can find the off-the-beaten-path mail-order stuff you’d expect on eBay—things like acai supplements, colon cleanses, and slimming creams, but did you know that you’ll find lots of much more “doctor approved” gear for health and fitness on eBay as well?

Think weight sets of all kinds, jogging and running, boxing, swimming, aerobics, stepping, yoga and other similar gear.

If you’re the more adventurous or lifestyle type, you might be more interested in bicycles (or bicycle parts to help you to get that old, rusty cycle running again), snow or water skis, skateboards, inline or roller skates.

And of course if you’re more the fitness-by-taking-it-easy sort, you can rely on eBay to help you to find a nice set of walking poles for long hikes.

Improve Financial Security

Resolutions about financial security take a variety of forms, but eBay can often help out with even the most basic of them.

First of all, there’s the ever-popular resolution to start your own business and/or find a way to become “financially independent.” While there’s no easy way to be successful in this kind of resolution—it’s always a matter of hard work and dedication over the long term—it’s true that many have accomplished it by becoming eBay sellers. So if this was your resolution and you’ve considered selling on eBay in the past, now may be a good time to start selling on eBay for the new year.

If your resolutions are more along the lines of saving money or being more frugal, eBay is also an obvious place to start. Remember that eBay is a good place to shop for less, name your own price, earn rewards, and even find hidden deals. Just remember not to pay too much (use the proxy bidding system to help you stay withing your budget), get taken for a ride on shipping costs, or spend cash in short supply on dubious purchases—be sure, in other words, to evaluate sellers carefully when shopping for deals.

Of course, some financial resolutions are less easy to directly achieve on eBay. The most common of these is probably the resolution that has to do with getting a job or getting a better job. No, it’s true that better jobs can’t be bought on eBay, but eBay can certainly help you to inform yourself and look the part. You begin by shopping eBay for books to help you hunt for work. A variety of sellers are happy to help you to create business cards and similar marketing materials. And if you’re going to be doing interviewing, there’s always need for mens’ and womens’ suits, neckties, dress shoes, and briefcases, since you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

What are Your Resolutions?

Even if your resolutions don’t fall into any of these three common categories, there’s a good chance that you’ll find eBay able to help you to achieve your goals. After all, the ability to generate cash by selling goods you already have and the ability to save money by buying goods you don’t have at a lower price are basic feats of good business and household management that pay dividends no matter what your New Year’s resolutions happen to be.
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