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Ten Ways eBay Can Help You and Your Family in the New Year

Maybe it's not your first "new year" thought, but eBay can help year-round


Ten Ways eBay Can Help You and Your Family in the New Year

For your resolutions and beyond, there are lots of ways that eBay can make life better for your family in the year to come.

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Each new year offers the chance to start fresh—to solve problems that have been hanging around, to try things that haven't been tried before, and to accomplish things that have languished on the "to do" list for months.

As you make resolutions for the new year and begin to think about how you'll spend your time, energy, and resources, you'll find that there are often ways for eBay to help.

Here are ten ways to use eBay to your benefit or to the benefit of your family in the year to come.

  • Get use out of unwanted Christmas gifts. Everyone gets holiday gifts that just aren't quite right. Some of them can be returned. Some cant. Don't just let the "can't be returned" gifts sit in a closet for a year or two before throwing them out; instead, list them on eBay for a fast, guaranteed sale that will at least give you a little pocket money in return.

  • Realize your new year's resolutions. There are a few resolutions that come up over and over again in the lists of many, many people each year. Maybe it's time you quit smoking. Maybe you'd like to drink less. Maybe it's time (once again) to decide that this year you're going to lose weight. You may imagine that eBay has little to do with these kinds of resolutions, but in fact when your health and your values are at issue as you resolve to make life better, eBay can often help.

  • Do your spring cleaning the thorough way. Time to de-junk? Every year, springtime rolls around and every year you think it's time to clean out the garage, or the attic, or the basement, or (even) half the house, but you can't bear taking those things to goodwill or throwing them out. They're not worthless, after all! This year, go through your house room by room during spring cleaning and turn all those still-valuable-but-mostly-taking-up-space things into usable goods for someone else and cash for yourself.

  • Spruce up your home and garden. Looking to supply a do-it-yourself project or to find home and garden furnishings and decor that are more unique, more vintage, or more eco-friendly that those that can be found at the local home and garden store? When you're after unique touches, DIY heaven, and personalization at unheard of levels, eBay is a great home and garden resource.

  • Give your kids some practical education. eBay is a great training environment for learning all kinds of real-world skills without having to tear your kids away from the computing devices that anchor them. Your imagination is the limit, but start with educational scavenger hunts for younger children or the start of a nice home-based business for your teenager(s).

  • Tackle those repairs and upgrades. As the glow of the new year fades and springtime begins to come into view, think about tackling some of those repairs and upgrades you've been thinking about doing around the house. eBay is a great resource for upgrading things that can't be upgraded in any other way and for finding replacement parts for things that you didn't even realize could be fixed.

  • Make summer plans. It's never too early to start planning ahead for fun during the summer vacation months. Sure, the local department store has a few things to help you along the way, but some of the classics can only be found on eBay, where you'll also find goods and services for summer fun of all kinds, from travel to weekend car projects.

  • Save money. In this day and age, nearly everyone is looking to save money, and your family is probably no exception to the rule. Luckily, eBay remains a great way to do this, from the comparison shopping help offered by tools like RedLaser to hidden deals, auction sniping, and other ways to trim the price you'll pay for common goods. Save a buck or two this year by looking to eBay for more of your shopping, of all kinds.

  • Establish a new side income. If you've been thinking about starting a business for years but haven't ever really given it the old college try, this may be the year to start. Join up, thinking about the sources and business models that work for you, perhaps even consider a drop shipper—then set up the home office and start your business. Most don't end up wealthy selling on eBay, but many make a nice supplemental income that adds needed resources to the bottom line.

  • Document and remember your year for posterity. Many tend to think about memories only as the holiday season rolls by, but some families manage to make and save memories all year. You know who they are—they're the families whose unique and beautiful group photos, artifacts, and stories fill a home and always leave you thinking "gosh, we ought to do that someday." With eBay's help, make this the year that you make more of your family's activities and memories, in ways that can last a lifetime.

No, it proably isn't typical for "eBay" to be a part of someone's new years' resolutions, but as it turns out, eBay can be a lifestyle enhancer—whatever your resolutions happen to be, imagine eBay as a resource that can help you to realize them, and you'll find lots of ways for eBay to add to the quality of life that you or your family enjoy in the coming year.

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