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Make and Share Memories with eBay

Don't just give your precious memories the "Facebook treatment"


Make and Share Memories with eBay

Is this the way you save and share your memories and special occasions? Do more. Let eBay help.

Photo: Nikkola / Dreamstime

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Do something this year and get serious about preserving and sharing your memories, not just on Facebook, like everyone else, but at home, in the space where you live. There's something special about family moments preserved and displayed around your everyday activities and for guests that stop by, and eBay can help you to share in ways that show how meaningful your memories are to you.

Here are some thoughts to help get you started. Don't wait—no sense letting yet another holiday season come and go without a trace in your everyday life!

  • Get some real photo equipment. Sure, most smartphones these days can take pictures and even high-def video, but the results just can't compare to what you'll capture with dedicated gear, which tends to have better lenses and optics, better capacity, and better image quality. Think about digital camcorders for video recording or looking into a purpose-specific digital camera or even digital SLR camera for the films and images that really capture the moment in all its richness, even in tough (dimly lit, weather-intensive, and so on) conditions.

  • Print some photos. Selection of photo printers is a bit sparse in most retail establishments—even in big-box stores—but you'll find lots of choices available to you on eBay, including used models that can save you hundreds, allowing you to invest in equipment you might not otherwise consider. Dedicated photo printers can be a good idea if you don't have much space or time in your life, and phone photo printers can make the job especially convenient if you often feel at a loss when confronted by technology.

  • Get a nice photo album. Yes, the local Walmart sells some photo albums, and the local camera store might stock a few more, but there's no place where you'll find the variety and selection of photo albums that are available on eBay. The right photo album can really make a collection of prints special, so choose carefully and pick something you'll love for years to come.

  • Get into scrapbooking. If you're willing to go a step beyond photo albums, the world of scrapbooking is as hot as it has ever been. Adorn your photos with decorations, decals, calligraphy, and other creative material that can weave your series of photos into a story that you'll love to return to again and again. If you think the local hobby store has a wide variety of scrapbooking materials, you haven't seen anything yet; eBay's scrapbooking selection is second to none.

  • Set up a digital photo frame. If your life is a little more modern and minimalist than that of the typical scrapbooker, a digital photo frame might be more up your alley. Sure, these seem expensive and ugly at the local drugstore or big-box retailer, but on eBay they're available in a [wide variety] of sizes, prices, and designs to fit every home or office.

  • Go beyond just "a frame." Don't overlook the classic "photo frame" or "photo stand," but don't settle, either. Shopping eBay can help you to turn frame shopping into home decorating, whether your material of choice is iron, stone, wood, or something else. If you're feeling really adventurous, start with the frames, buy a selection that inspires you, then work throughout the holiday season to place and fill each of them somewhere in your home.

Sure, you can get some of these things on alternative online retail sites, but there's no place around where you can find the variety of memory-preserving decor—from retro to new, the traditional and the modern, digital gadgets and analog decor—that you can find on eBay. Your holiday memories are one-of-a-kind, so there's no reason not to use eBay to ensure that the world, and you, see them this way.

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