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Unlike most other commerce sites in the virtual world, eBay is a massive community with a distinct culture, membership, outlook, and set of traditions. Here you'll find articles that offer a wider perspective than auction listings, purchases, and website tools. Learn more about what makes eBay special and what life in the eBay world is like.
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Do a World of Good on eBay
Wishing there was a way to buy and sell in the most world-friendly, socially conscious manner possible, all without having to leave the eBay community behind? If this sounds familiar, eBay has a solution just for you.

Can I give to charity through eBay?
Yes, you can. Sellers can elect to have a percentage of proceeds donated to a chosen charity, visible to buyers.

Invest in the World Through eBay
eBay has long been a great marketplace to support emerging economies by buying imported hand-made and/or fair trade goods. When you're ready to step beyond just buying and into the world of investing in emerging markets, eBay can help you there as well.

Build It Yourself on eBay
eBay is a great place to buy all kinds of common consumer goods, sure. It also happens to be one of the greatest parts and tools suppliers anywhere, for any kind of hobby or industry.

Upgrade Your (Anything) on eBay
If you're not imagining eBay as a place to upgrade just about any item in your life, you may be paying more money and getting less for it in return. Upgrade your phone, your computer, your car, and more, without contracts and without paying full price.

Create Your About Me Page
The About Me page is an eBay institution, and can be used to direct potential bidders or other eBay members to your auction listings, your feedback, or just more information about you and your eBay business.

Help Your Teen Start an eBay Business
Rather than look for another summer job, maybe your teen should be starting an eBay business where they can earn cash while also gaining experience they'd be unlikely to gain at the local fast food restaurant.

Buyer vs. Seller Bias on eBay
Accusations of pro-buyer or pro-seller "bias" are increasingly made about eBay by its members. Which is true and what does it mean for eBay traders going forward?

Developing and Providing eBay Solutions
Don't be quick to pass eBay by, even if buying and selling aren't your thing. Remember that eBay represents a captive audience of millions of buyers and sellers that can be leveraged for income, especially if you're a developer, a solutions provider, or a service provider of some kind.

eBay and Your New Year's Resolutions
If you're like most people, by the time late January rolls around each year, you're trying to figure out how to achieve your New Year's resolutions. Ever thought about whether eBay can help you to get there?

Have eBay Help You with Your Taxes
When tax time is around the corner, it's tempting to see eBay trading as just another complication. In fact, eBay can also help you when it comes time to pay the taxman.

From eBay: Security Center
The eBay Security & Resolution center contains forms that you can use to report safety or security issues and details on the latest eBay dangers like phishing and spoof email messages.

Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PESA)
The Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, a membership organization for eBay sellers that gives guidance on taxes, dispute resolution, best practices, and the profession of eBay selling in general.

Frequently Asked eBay Tax Questions
A list of questions about taxes commonly asked by eBay sellers, along with answers from Enterpreneur.com.

From eBay: eBay Travel
So it's time to take a break from your eBay selling business and go on vacation. Why not buy your vacation package on (where else) eBay?

How to Haggle on eBay
Though at first glance eBay seems like a haggle-free zone of automatic bidding, buying, and selling, there is a certain amount of room on eBay for haggling by buyers and sellers alike. Here are some tips for eBay haggling.

Overcome the eBay Work-from-Home Blues
Working from home isn't as easy as many that don't do it imagine it to be. This kind of work can be logistically complicated and emotionally difficult. Here are some tips to help keep it happy and manageable.

What gives you the work-from-home blues? - eBay - Your Feedback
Many eBay sellers work from home, part of a growing community of people that have to be productive an environment that is not traditionally business-friendly. What is the biggest complaint or problem you've faced as a work-from-home eBay seller?

Do Halloween the Serious Way on eBay
Halloween is a fun season for "going overboard" in that dark and creepy way. When the department store decorations and cheap costume store outfits don't do it for you anymore, consider going the extra mile with your neighborhood haunted house or party by putting it together on eBay.

Comparison Shop with eBay and RedLaser
eBay is a great resource for deal-finding, but don't think that you have to be an eBay veteran, a stay-at-home party pooper, or a really patient person willing to wait for shipping just to have eBay assist you in your Black Friday (and beyond) holiday and Christmas shopping!

I'm So Frustrated with eBay I Could Scream! Help me!
Sooner or later, almost everyone that buys regularly on any ecommerce site will have a bad experience. Here are some steps to take and things to try, along with an admonition not go go on trying too long.

Should I let my kid buy or sell on eBay?
If you've got kids of "browsing age," you've probably already had a discussion or two about something on eBay. Should you let your kids buy on eBay? Should you go so far as to let your kids sell on eBay? Here's what you should think about as you make these decisions.

Tips to Help You "Get Your Retro On" with eBay
Is there an item in your distant past that you wish you had back and could buy again? Are there several? Do you love authentic vintage and retro goods, either the real deal or the reproductions? eBay may just be the best place to look. Here's how.

Ten Lost Good Things About eBay
Those who have been trading on eBay for a long time remember a different, kinder, and gentler eBay that wasn't necessarily trying to become an online storefront so much as an online community. Here are ten changes between then and now that have made eBay less cool.

Play and Learn with eBay Scavenger Hunts
Need an educational game for teaching at home, to play at a party, or just for fun? Try your hand at putting together an eBay scavenger hunt for your kids and their friends.

Repair Your (Anything) on ebay
You can save money and repair just about anything in your house by buying spare parts or repair materials on eBay.

Make and Share Memories with eBay
Everyone shares images on Facebook these days, but eBay can help you to weave your favorite memories into the fabric of everyday life.

Give Back as You Sell
If you're feeling thankful and lucky as an eBay seller, you may have thought it would be nice to "give back" or to "help out" in various ways. You can, and it's easy. Here's how.

Go Vintage for Your Holiday Decorating
Do the holiday decorations on offer at the mall or the local department store leave you a bit cold? Try shopping eBay for holiday decor to restore your holiday spirit.

Ten Ways eBay Can Help You and Your Family in the New Year
eBay may not be the first thing you think of when you think "new years' resolutions," but if you think of eBay as a year-round resource, you'll find that it can improve your family's life in the year to come.

How to Hold an eBay Fundraiser
The annual fundraiser is a staple of many organizations, but it's also an annual pain, often with limited results. Here's how to try something different by moving that fundraiser online.

Ten Creative Ways to Save Money by Using eBay
Do you know about these ten creative ways to save money using eBay for purchases that you might not normally associate with eBay? If you don't, you could be leaving money on the table.

Supplement Your Retirement Income
Retired? Need a little extra income on the side, but unsure whether eBay is for you? Here are some tips to help you answer the question and get started selling on eBay.

Don't Underestimate the eBay Garage Sale
It can be tempting to imagine that "there's no point" to listing all of the little things you're not using at home on eBay. Total up the possibilities, though, and you may come to another conclusion.

How eBay Selling Has Changed
eBay has changed a lot over the years, but we don't often stop to think about the ways in which it's become different. Here are some of them.

Things to Consider Before Relying on "Vintage" eBay Technology
The best of humankind's technology over the years? It's all available on eBay. That doesn't mean that you should use it without thinking.

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