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Contact eBay (eBay.com Tool)


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The "Contact eBay" tool is a part of eBay's online customer support system. The tool asks eBay users to describe their problem in a few short words, then offers options to help users to resolve the buying, selling, or other issue they're having. Sometimes these options include contacting eBay by telephone, live chat, or web form. At other times, users will be offered links to relevant eBay.com website tools.

Use eBay's Contact eBay tool now.

When accessing the tool (use the links above or below), you'll likely be asked to sign in using your eBay member ID and password.

The customer support tool offers three basic options, each of which branches into a series of more specific issue-oriented questions and choices:

  • Buying. If your desire to contact eBay relates to a purchase that you have made, would like to make, are trying to make, or to shopping and making purchases on eBay in general, select this option.
  • Selling. If you are an eBay seller and want to contact eBay in relation to a selling issue (whether it has to do with your listings, a problem buyer, or anything else selling-oriented), select this option.
  • Account. If you need to contact eBay about billing or payment of your eBay balance, registration or configuration issues, or anything else on eBay not directly related to buying or selling, select this option.

In order to be provided with a way to contact eBay or access a relevant eBay.com website tool, you must follow the form through each question or option until it provides you with a phone number or relevant link. You will not be offered a way to contact eBay until you follow the form to its conclusion.

Use eBay's Contact eBay tool now.

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