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eBay is a great place to buy and sell, but it's also a great place to meet friends, make connections, share your interests and knowledge, and get help with common problems, whether these problems have to do with eBay buying and selling or your life in the "real world" beyond eBay. These articles show you where to go to find community on eBay.

Create Your About Me Page
The About Me page is an eBay institution, and can be used to direct potential bidders or other eBay members to your auction listings, your feedback, or just more information about you and your eBay business.

Connect with Social eBay
eBay and PayPal are dynamic e-commerce worlds in a constant state of flux. Get the latest news, information, tips, discounts, announcements, and more by monitoring eBay's many social blogs, websites, and social networking profiles and feeds.

Using eBay Reviews & Guides
Use eBay Reviews & Guides to find out how other eBay members rate the products that you're interested in buying and to get hints and tips on the best way to shop.

Join the Community With eBay Groups
eBay Groups give eBay members with shared interests the tools to connect and network on a global scale. They also give eBay members that are close to one another geographically a place to gather and chat while online and to plan meetings offline.

Exploring eBay's Diverse Neighborhoods
eBay's neighborhoods offer an environment in which to meet others with interests similar to yours and socialize with them on an everyday basis, product talk with hobby talk in a relaxed atmosphere.

Can I give to charity through eBay?
Yes, you can. Sellers can elect to have a percentage of proceeds donated to a chosen charity, visible to buyers.

Invest in the World Through eBay
eBay has long been a great marketplace to support emerging economies by buying imported hand-made and/or fair trade goods. When you're ready to step beyond just buying and into the world of investing in emerging markets, eBay can help you there as well.

eBay Radio, Voice of eBay
Broadcasting twice a week with archives stretching back to 2003, eBay Radio has become the voice of the eBay community.

Discover Your eBay World
eBay offers many community-oriented tools. eBay also helps you to organize your eBay community life by creating your own homepage on eBay known as your eBay My World page.

eBay Classifieds is More than Craigslist, Less than eBay
For a long time, retail shoppers and sellers used the intense and frenetic eBay marketplace and classified ads buffs used the very garage-sale-like Craigslist, and that was that. Today eBay Classifieds is plotting a course in the middle of the two: a classified ads site with nice features that's actually easy to use, easy on the eyes, and...

More Ways to "Social Network" Your eBay Business
Whether you do it online or offline, social networking has historically been a key to success for many eBay sellers. Here are three of the latest ways to "social network" your eBay selling.

What to Do When You Can't Contact eBay
Even if you're struggling to reach eBay, there are still things that you can do to solve whatever problem you're having.

Join a Meetup Group to Learn the Ropes, Hone Your Skills
Whether you're new to eBay selling or a veteran eBay seller, joining and becoming active in a meetup group can help you to make the most of your selling business.

Create an eBay Collection
eBay Collections, Step 1: Search for products to add to your new collection

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