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Take eBay Wherever You Go

Visit eBay on the mobile web, no matter what phone you use


Take eBay Wherever You Go

Almost any modern phone can give you eBay access on the run.

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In some quarters these days, the mobile web is taken for granted, while in others, it’s still seen as something of a novelty. If you’re just getting accustomed to carrying the world with you in your mobile phone, consider taking eBay along with you as well.

Whatever the make, model, and carrier of the phone you have, if it’s able to access the mobile web, there’s likely an eBay tool to make your life better. Here are some offerings that can help you to take eBay with you wherever you go.

For All Phones (Buying)

There are several ways to access the “mobile” edition of eBay, which offers a scaled-down interface and reduced page load times that are much more friendly to mobile devices than the standard eBay pages. Here are the addresses to use:

In addition to the mobile versions of eBay’s pages that can be used for searching, bidding, and buying, you can also arrange to have eBay text message your phone to keep you up to date about your bidding, buying, and selling.

For Most Phones (Selling)

The links above are great for shopping and buying on eBay, but what about selling? Though it may not seem at first as though a mobile phone is the best way to list eBay items, it is true that a mobile phone with web access and a built-in camera offers in a single, integrated too everything needed to post an auction listing on eBay.

To date, the only major mobile app to enable selling on eBay is MidProfile, a java-based app that should run on nearly any mobile phone that is java-capable. MidProfile is surprisingly powerful, and makes taking item photos and posting auctions possible even with tiny mobile phone displays.

For iPhones and Android (Google) Phones

If you’re an iPhone user, your options are both broader and more limited at the same time. Here are some tips to keep in mind as an eBayer that also uses an iPhone:

  • Safari/WebKit make the “real” eBay mobile. The great browsers in these latest phones make it possible to use the standard version of the eBay websites, and most or all of its features, without needing a special app or URL.

  • Free eBay and PayPal apps are on iTunes/App Store. If you’re an iPhone user, eBay offers dedicated eBay shopping and PayPal apps for download. Just search the app store for “eBay” and “PayPal.”

  • Free “Pocket Auctions” is on Android Market. If you’re using an Android phone like the ones made by HTC, visit the “Shopping” section of Android Market to download a feature-packed version of the “Pocket Auctions for eBay” application.
Of course as time goes by, more and more eBay and PayPal apps are sure to populate the mobile applications marketplace, as we’re already seeing in the iPhone app store, where mobile eBay applications abound. One thing in particular that seems to be missing is a nice selling-capable app for iPhone users that streamlines the experience in ways that the heavyweight Safari browser can’t.

In the meantime, these links ought to get you started. If you’ve never thought about eBaying on your mobile phone before, try it—you might just like it!

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