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About eBay

When eBay was founded in 1995, it was as radical and cutting-edge as many of the other "dot com" startups launched in that era. Today, however, eBay is one of the world's most venerable online companies—not to mention one of the most endlessly emulated and discussed. Read on below to learn more about eBay's history, current business strategies, and balance sheet conditions.

What is eBay?
An introduction to eBay for those who aren't familiar with it. What eBay is, who uses eBay, where and why they use it, and what this means for you as an online citizen. If you're tired of hearing about eBay all the time but knot really knowing what it is, here are the most basic facts about the thing called "eBay."

How did eBay start?
How did eBay start? Not quite in the way that many people might imagine. The founding of eBay is a true and very human dot-com story. Here's a brief history of eBayfrom a little idea in San Jose during the dot-com era to world domination.

Ten Things You Didn't Know About eBay
Did you know that you can blog on eBay just like you can on MySpace? Or that you can support your favorite cause by selling on eBay? Or that you can have eBay send text messages to your phone? Or that you may need a business license to sell on eBay? Read on to learn these details and more about the eBay marketplace.

eBay Corporate Profile
Think eBay's just a website? Think again. Today's eBay is a sprawling, global empire of billions of dollars in brands and platforms in several major strategic areas, and has seen something of a turnaround since the dark days of 2008.

Myths About eBay that Need to Be Busted
Even though eBay has been with us for almost two decades, the public's knowledge about eBay is often half-baked, full of myths, falsehoods, and misconceptions. Here are the most common myths about eBay and the facts that contradict them.

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