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Recognize Common eBay Scams Against Sellers - About.com
eBay scams aren't as common as some imagine, but they are out there. Learn to recognize the signs and avoid them by running in the other direction when you ...
Recognize Common eBay Scams - eBay Dos and Don'ts - About.com
Getting "scammed" on eBay is not nearly as common as some make it out to be, but the scams that do occur repeatedly are generally easy to recognize and ...
Dealing With Buyer Fraud: eBay Disputes & Disagreements
Unfortunately, as an eBay seller there is no way for you to avoid buyer fraud entirely. It happens on eBay, and depending on the type of goods you sell, it may  ...
Internet Scams Targeting eBay CraigsList Autotrader Sellers
Consumer Alert: Internet Scams that Target Online Sellers. If you use ... Consumer Alert - Scams Targeting eBay, CraigsList and Autotrader Sellers. How Scam ...
eBay & PayPal Scams - Antivirus - About.com
Reputable firms such as eBay and PayPal have been besieged by email scammers attempting to pilfer valuable credit card details from unsuspecting customers.
EBay Shipping Scam - Submit an Entry: Post a Job Scam
About.com readers report internet job scams: EBay Shipping Scam.
eBay Fraud eMail Scams - Email Frauds to eBay Members
I get as many emails telling me that my eBay account is being changed or my password and credit card needs to be verified, as I get Paypal email scams -- a lot!
I Wired Money for an eBay Item That Never Came. Now What?
You Were Scammed. No, there is no doubt about it. No, it doesn't matter if you sent the money "to eBay," or put it "in escrow," or if the seller was "eBay approved " ...
Did Buyer Protection work for you? - eBay - Your Feedback
With the term "Buyer Protection," eBay makes it sound as though refunds are ... I contacted ebay for this scam, photos of what I received, to what was posted on ...
eBay & PayPal scams - Antivirus - About.com
Emails claiming to be from eBay or PayPal try to trick recipient's into divulging sensitive finanacial or personal information. Known as phishing, these scams are  ...
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