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Understanding the eBay Feedback System - About.com
On eBay, buyers and sellers can leave feedback about one another and their buying and selling transactions. Along the unique eBay bidding system, feedback  ...
eBay Feedback Evaluation Quick Guide - Shop Better on eBay
eBay's feedback system is one of the central pillar's of eBay's business model. Because eBay is a forum for connecting buyers and sellers who have never met ...
Ten Ways to Fix Your eBay Feedback - About.com
When your eBay feedback suffers, your entire selling business can be put at risk. Turning things around isn't always easy, but there are ways to approach the ...
eBay Feedback Tools and Customer Service - About.com
eBay's feedback system is amongst the most complex and nuanced of all online trading marketplaces. Such subtlety can make ratings more meaningful, but it ...
Make Feedback Less Final - eBay Dos and Don'ts - About.com
eBay's feedback system has long been one of the things that sets it apart—for better and for worse—from other buying and selling platforms. Feedback on eBay  ...
What is feedback manipulation and how do I ... - eBay - About.com
eBay's feedback manipulation policy is often seen as confusing, but there are a simple ways to grasp its intent and common behaviors that can be seen to violate  ...
Feedback Score - eBay - About.com
Feedback Scores are a simple and easily referenced component of the eBay feedback system.
Evaluating Seller and Seller Feedback - eBay Item Listing Parts
Evaluating eBay Item Listings: Understanding seller feedback and deciding whether or not you want to trade with a seller.
Five Tips for Better Feedback - eBay Dos and Don'ts - About.com
Lots of people think about avoiding negative feedback, but have you ever thought ... A surprising number of eBay traders never actually say anything, whether by ...
Building Your Feedback Profile - Sell Better on eBay - About.com
It's common knowledge that a careful eBay buyer always buys from sellers with large, predominantly positive feedback profiles. But what about eBay members ...
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