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For many who have never done it, the idea of "selling something on eBay" is a forbidding one, sounding complicated and unapproachable. In fact, selling on eBay isn't hard at all once you've joined eBay and PayPal. In fact, it's really just a matter of filling out a form—the form you're going to learn about below. For those that are so inclined, eBay even offers a simpler selling form with slightly fewer bells and whistles (but with the same famously immense audience of shoppers) to help you to start selling on eBay with a minimum of fuss.

So stop putting it off. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions and diagrams below and begin your life as an eBay seller.

Step 1: Open the eBay selling page

At the top of any eBay page, perform the following steps:

  1. Move your mouse pointer over the "Sell" button at the upper-right of the page (item A), but don't click yet.
  2. When the pop-up menu appears, click on the "Sell an item" link (item B).

Step 2: Start the eBay selling form

When the selling page appears, click on the "Start selling" button near the center of the page (circled).

Step 3: Tell eBay what you're planning to sell

eBay begins the selling process by asking you to name the item you're planning to sell, so that eBay can help you to select the correct shopping category for it. Type the make and model or most general name of the item you're planning to sell into the text box (item A) and click on the "Search" button (item B). Examples of the kinds of things that might go into this box include:

  • "blackberry pearl phone"
  • "titanic dvd"
  • "men's levi's jeans"
  • "collectible blue chinese vase"

Step 4: Choose a category for your item

Once you click "Search," eBay shows you a list of the categories that it thinks might apply to what you plan to sell (item A). If what you plan to sell belongs to any of these categories, select the one that is the best fit by checking the box next to it. If none of them apply, click the "Browse categories" tab (item B) to browse through a complete list of eBay's categories. If you have recently sold another similar item and want to re-use the category you chose then, click the "Recently used categories" tab (item C) and check a category in that list.

Once you've selected a category for the item you plan to sell, click the "Continue" button to proceed with your item listing (item D).

Step 5: Specify details about your item

Depending on the type of item you're selling, eBay may show you one or several forms asking you to specify details about your item. If you wish to do this, you can choose options from the presented lists (item A) describing things like size or gender (in the case of clothing or shoes), capacity, speed, or other features (in the case of electronics items), and so on.

If you're new to selling, simply click the "Skip this step" link (item B) to proceed to the next step in the selling process without specifying these kinds of details directly.

Step 6: Choose your selling form if necessary

After you specify item details or click the "Skip this step" link, you'll be shown the eBay selling form you've most recently used. There are two selling forms on eBay: a simple form and an advanced form. The remainder of this article describes the advanced form. If you see another, simpler and more colorful form instead, click the "Switch to form with more choices" link at the upper-right of the page (circled) to switch to the advanced form before proceeding.

With all of your basic information now entered, it's time to get to work assembling an accurate, detailed listing.

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