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eBay News: 2Q Earnings Down

By July 22, 2009

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Today eBay said that second quarter net earnings fell from some $460 million (35 cents per share) during the same period last year to some $327 million (25 cents per share) on continued weakness in its core marketplace business. With one-time charges and stock options expenses excluded, however, earnings came in at over $478 million (37 cents per share), just topping consensus expectations.

Analysts have in recent weeks been bullish on eBay and new tools and strategic initiatives have been announced to revitalize eBay's struggling marketplace. While this 2Q report suggests that eBay may be on target to begin something of a turnaround, it's too early to know whether the changes will ultimately be enough to carry eBay back to former performance levels. More at:

     • MarketWatch
     • The Los Angeles Times
     • AP via Google
July 22, 2009 at 11:27 pm
(1) Patricia013 says:

You can’t continue to treat sellers like crooks and expect to turn anything around in core. Traffic has dropped off sharply and the 8 percent increase in users is only the normal gathering of new ID’s – I have 4 myself, how many do you have? Yet Ebay counts me as four users! 29 percent decline? I was expecting even more. Of course if you take Paypal and Skype out of the equation the big cheese, Ebay, stands out like a pale dead herring! First they’ll sell off Skype then they’ll look at Paypal with hungry eyes – then they’ll finally be gone…all because the board is too darned stubborn (or simply not intelligent enough) to get rid of a totally incompetent managment team….so be it ;-)

August 4, 2009 at 12:43 pm

Ebay is failing due to stupid and ill thought out policies that John Donahoe claims is diruptive innovations. This man has chased away thousands upon thousands of sellers, who were also buyers on this site. His final value fee increase has made it possible to sell items elsewhere and cheaper. How can anyone justify this pitiful and sorry management. The page views are way down, sales are way down and this man thinks he is doing a great job. Wrong, we have sales growing elsewhere and other venues are growing taking away ebay’s business. If it was not for paypal profits it would be bye bye ebay and bye bye John Donahoe. His policies have hurt a lot of small businesses, bad search, and bad bad micromanaging. He forced free shipping on the site by promising a higher search ranking, did you really get a higher search ranking?guess what you did not. Your final value fees got higher though because almost all sellers rolled that shipping cost into the price of the item and JD got final value fees on that it reaped millions. If weveryone would go back to chargingshipping right now ebay would fail, that is how much they received in thiose increased final value fees. It would wake up the ultra wealthy, politician wanna be board of ebay who are asleep at the wheel. Your items on ebay are generally buried in the search if you sell a popular item. Diamond power sellers who sell the most, importers who sell low quality cheap products that sell the most get first shot on the search, it does not matter if they are giving the buyer a good experience or not, like JD says. He is stupid and has other motives, he is ridding ebay of small business and going for the big huge retailers who are lining his packets. He took away the ability for sellers to tell others about the bad buyers, he took away the ability to accept check or money orders, but yet his ebay accepts cjeck or money orders from you to pay your ebay fees, he said checks and money orders were risky and caused fraudulent transactions. HMMMMM The real truth is JD cannot recover the money from a money order or check transaction and he would not be able to guarantee that 100% buyer money back policy unless it came out of ebay’s pocket, so he made it you must pay by paypal so he had access to yopur money. The lawsuit that will eventually come out of this will change everything, it may take years but JD will be gone and Paypal will be severely hurt, ebay will fail too many sellers have been bludgeoned by this hitler, organized crime chief. His Geatapo trust and safety will no doubt be jailed for their harqassment of sellers who complain, if you complain too much they will get you, ever wonder what trust and safety is? they JD’s army of attorneys who wuill retaliate againt you if you say anything about ebay and there water brained ceo. STOP FREE SHIPPING ON EBAY AND LOWER THE FEEAS EBAY GETS LIST A FEW ITEMS ELSEWHERE DAIILY AND EVENTUALLY WE WILL WIN PASS THIS ALONG PLEASE.

August 11, 2009 at 10:47 pm
(3) George says:

They reinstated my user.com (where “user” is something else) ID now after years of being banned for no good reason other than using a “.com” in my ID while they allowed other users to keep on using their dot-com usernames…

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